Nails Summer 2023, yellow nail polish is on trend

The summer 2023 nail trends bring a new sparkle to the popularity of yellow nails. The hitherto infamous yellow nail syndrome – a chromatic change caused by flaking, weak, stressed and thinned plates – is taking on a new allure with the proliferation of yellow nail polishes. One of the most popular nail polishes of the season. Along with the nude and milky nail polishes that dominate these warmer months, yellow nail polishes give your nails a vitamin and adrenaline look. Besides being the perfect colors to match summer 2023’s tanned toes.

Nails summer 2023: yellow vitamins

yellow nails

Courtesy of Chanel

Inclusive, delicate and branded. Loved by Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez and promoted by Instagram’s most followed nail artists like Tom Bachik, yellow nails are also favored by fashion houses like Chanel. Perfect for darker skin tone, Home enhances the inclusivity of this color with Le Vernis hairspray in Ovni: an intense and optimistic yellow perfect for creating a light manicure.

Yellow nail polishes for summer 2023

Yellow nail polish has a soothing hue, releases energy, energizes, gives good mood and joy, defies convention. A color with a strong character, unusual for nail plates and therefore surprising.

Fedua’s Dandelion Yellow nail polish accentuates the tan. A symbol of solar energy and positivity, yellow is intense and elegant. The innovative formula of this varnish is durable and does not contain harmful substances. The texture, containing a high percentage of pigments, gives an instant and uniform color without any streaks. The 600 bristle brush, calibrated for precise ejection, improves performance from the first stroke.

Le Mains Hermès Vernis Émail Jaune Impérial is a sunny yellow enamel with a slight golden sheen. A color that only Chinese emperors could wear. A royal yellow with a fluid, long-wearing and glossy texture that spreads evenly over the nail. Formulated with seventy-one percent natural ingredients and made in France, the hairspray formula is concentrated in ultra-fine pigments that smooth and color the foil.

Gitti Beauty’s Berlin Heat natural-based summer nail polish collection also features Berlin Sun, a bright sunny yellow nail polish with great expressive and creative power. Vegan and certified by PETA, with 82% plant-derived ingredients, it is highly effective. The color can last up to seven days as it infuses the foil with natural moisturizing ingredients.

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