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The Ministry of Health of the Basque Government will launch an influenza and COVID-19 vaccination campaign together with health professionals. As an innovation, they are giving flu vaccines to minors with the sole purpose of protecting seniors who will be vaccinated against flu and COVID-19.

First of all, it must be said that if vaccination of minors is to protect the elderly, this measure completely lacks scientific evidence, because there is no data to support what the government and health professionals are telling us, because at any time whether minors Vaccinated, so there are no epidemiological statistics to scientifically prove this.

Secondly, it should be said that if minors are vaccinated, at least mildly, if not more severely, minors can also get the flu, then this so-called protection for the elderly does not exist.

Third, if the scientific rationale is to vaccinate minors to protect the elderly, then health professionals and governments are clearly telling us that they themselves do not believe in the COVID-19 vaccine, nor do they believe in the flu vaccine.

Fourth, it has been proven and is being recognized that the COVID-19 vaccine can cause adverse effects and deaths, and most importantly, according to its own official data, many more vaccinated people die from COVID-19 than unvaccinated people. . Vaccinations, so I don’t understand how health professionals don’t raise even the slightest reasonable suspicion that these vaccines are not the solution, and that when a drug fails to function as a cure, at least dosing is paused and stopped so that the available data can be studied.

In light of this nonsense, I think health professionals, especially the Pediatric Medical Association, but also politicians from different political parties and the Basque government, should be held accountable for their decisions, such as:

• Are Ms. Gotzone Sagardui and Mr. Urkullu as Baskardi’s most senior representative responsible for the possible adverse effects and deaths caused by influenza and COVID vaccinations?
• Are health professionals responsible for these adverse effects and deaths in older adults who will receive influenza and COVID vaccines?
• Are pediatricians responsible for the adverse effects of these flu vaccines on minors and those who, based on their decisions, contract the flu and harm older adults?
• For adults and minors, will the medical professional issue the appropriate prescription with a signature and membership number?
• Will they disclose with full transparency how many health professionals, particularly pediatricians, have received the flu vaccine? And the coronavirus vaccine?
• Will they make data on vaccination-related adverse cases and minor deaths available to us in a fully transparent manner?
• Will they release how many vaccinated seniors have contracted the flu and coronavirus, and how many have died?

Gentlemen of the Basque Government, gentlemen of the political parties, gentlemen of the health professions, in the face of this new nonsense that lacks science, it is time for you to take responsibility for your actions, which are based on the complete It was carried out under a free decision, due to the restrictions on rights and freedoms caused by the epidemic, which we citizens did not experience, and the measures taken were completely undemocratic and typical of the dark ages of our past.

That is why I encourage parents and older adults to at least ask themselves a minimum of reasonable doubt before making the decision to vaccinate themselves and their minors, and of course request a corresponding health report in which a health professional explains what they are prescribing reasons and attach a proportional report indicating that the benefits will outweigh the disadvantages, with their signature and membership number of course.

Through this process, at least citizens will be able to demand those responsibilities that they themselves must assume.

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