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Withalienation this is a new single from Nakai, A nineteen-year-old from Rome who has just started a new artistic career after already being the star of a successful musical and the San Remo area.

Nakai just published Hot (Jericho Records), his summer single, but also the first song that marks his new path. Behind the name Nakai actually it is hidden Gianmarco Gridelli who, despite being 19 years old, has been making music since the age of 8 and became the protagonist of a musical when he was only thirteen. Chocolate Factorythe same on which it is based Wonkanew film starring Timothée Chalamet.

Hot this is a song that speaks of love, the most passionate, consisting of provocations and reactions, primarily of physical attraction. The direct and direct text does not use diplomacy to explain what it is like when there is a fire of desire, excitement, flowing into fervor and intensity.

explained Nakai about the song: “Although I am very young, I have already written several songs, but for the first time I sing love, fiery red, the one that burns inside you. My main goal with this song is to convey the energy, strength, passion that young people experience when they meet love.

The concept that Nakai will also highlight this during this exclusive interview, in which we trace the stages of his journey to the present day.

Cover Hotsingle from Nakai.

Exclusive interview with Nakai

What does it represent for you Hot?

Hot marks my new beginning. With my label Jericho Records, my producer Vittorio Conte and the management of Maria Totaro, we have just started working on this new project of mine, in which I have also changed my name, Nakai, and which I am very excited about. Hot this is the first step and this is a direct song: for the first time I spoke about love, not only sentimental, but also passionate. It is intended for children my age and written by me: with this new beginning, I promise to publish songs that I am the author of. I discovered writing and I’m really passionate about it: so I want something of me to be felt, even if I remain open to collaboration.

What does Nakai mean?

What matters is not so much the word as the story it carries with it. Nakai is the name my father would like to give one of his sons, but he didn’t, so I decided to surprise him. It was nice to see his reaction and how he behaved when he found out about it. It was a way for me to thank my parents for everything they have done for me so far by supporting me.

What is love for you, who is nineteen years old?

Love is fundamental. Involuntarily, this affects us throughout our lives: our behavior stems from the emotions we experience due to another person. It makes us feel good and also helps us move forward in the best possible way. What I sing, I heard firsthand: in my songs I always try to put something of my own, personal: sensations, feelings and the truth of facts. The listener is struck by the veracity of the facts: it allows him to identify himself and make the words he hears his own.

You are 19, but you have been acting since you were 8, and at 13 you were already the star of a successful musical, Chocolate Factory.

I have been passionate about music since I was very young and my parents have always indulged my nature. I started singing when I was eight years old, and immediately after that I accompanied singing with guitar and piano lessons: four years for the first and two for the second. At the age of 13, I took the stage as the protagonist of a musical and subsequently discovered my passion for writing. Then I started taking special courses and also graduated in music production. I’m slowly trying to complete myself.

The musical has not only singing, but also dancing and acting. What memories do you have of this experience?

Memories are wonderful. It was an experience that really made a big impact on me, 360°. I needed not only to sing, but also to test myself in two new disciplines for me: dancing and acting. There were many children of art with me in the performance: I still learned a lot from them and their parents.


The second time, the word “parents” is returned. What is your relationship with them today? What about peers? How did they look at you when you were already on stage at thirteen?

My relationship with my parents is still great. But the same goes for relationships with peers: I always had friends who were rooting for me from the very beginning, they came to follow the dates of various concerts or musicals.

Last December I gave my own concert at the Teatro Quirino in Rome and it was wonderful for many reasons: it was my first time all alone, there were so many people to see me and I had so many guests, from Nello Daniele. who accompanied the guitar notes Napule Mario Lavezzi, who intervened, spending a few words about me and my journey and accompanying me on the piano on Long love story. But also Adriano Pennino, conductor-maestro of the San Remo orchestra… it was a magical evening, followed by many new evenings and dates that followed.

What does live performance mean to you?

The experience itself helps me grow, but it’s also a way for people to hear my music and see their reactions. Numbers and results on social media and digital platforms are cold data: only live you understand how the public is actually reacting, the feedback is immediate. If the audience applauds you, it means that they felt emotions and that you somehow got there. Never rely entirely on numbers to judge a product.

I already have several dates for this summer: two in Sperlonga where I’m going on vacation for the summer (August 14 and 25), one in Rovigo with Radio Bella & Monella along with Will, who took part in San Remo, and Ascanio from Friends (August 12) and one in Puglia for an event on Radio Ciccio Riccio (August 22). And more will come

It’s true that the numbers are relative, but you’ve already experienced the excitement of seeing one of your videos go viral on Facebook with over a million views. you sang Jesus Christ and you have also received the blessing of Mogul, the father of Italian pop music.

Everything happened by chance and unexpectedly. We were in the midst of a pandemic and I decided to interpret Jesus Christ, written by the master Mogul together with the master Lavezzi. I posted the song on Facebook and in a short time it went viral, surpassing one million views not only in Italy but all over the world. I received messages from Chile or Brazil, and from round to round they also fell into the ears of the Mogul and Lavessi masters, who called me to congratulate.

But that’s not all: after a while, maestro Mogol called me again, who rewrote the lyrics especially for me and for the period that we were going through. I recorded it, everything went very well, and from there began a wonderful journey, thanks to which I learned so much: I accompanied him throughout the summer tour, and the following winter I appeared in San Remo Giovani with a song written by him. He got a call Mom, where are you tonight?, which remained unpublished: we almost reached the end, but we were not chosen. I still remain in contact with the two masters: I continue to learn from them every day, every word of them should be taken as a teaching.


Who is Gianmarco?

Surely he is a guy who does everything so that his music reaches someone and can be liked. I always try to improve, including in writing, to be able to give correct and actionable messages. But above all, I am a boy who is slowly trying to build his future, starting from the basics and therefore learning and preparing himself in the best possible way from all points of view. I want to be ready when something happens. I believe in miracles: everything happens by chance, the main thing is to be prepared.

What are your fears?

The biggest problem is the inability to hear my music. I take comfort in the thought that I still have a lot of time ahead of me to get better and that I am doing my best. I am lucky that I have a happy family that makes everything available to me: with them I am not afraid of anything, they make me feel very protected and supported. Not only my parents, but also a brother and sister who do not live with us. She was my second mother, and I was sad to see her go: work took her away from me.

In addition to music, you also cherish the dream of acting. I know that you were chosen among the main characters of the first television series by Maria Grazia Cucinotta.

And I am indebted to the musical. One evening, Maria Grazia Cucinotta was among the audience, who, selling me on stage, wanted me to participate in her project, which is currently in pre-production.

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