Nalong City Council will not increase water and sanitation rates, at least not yet

‘s city hall Naren One of the longest plenary meetings in recent months took place yesterday morning. Some of the points raised in the agenda were controversial from the start.Among them, the local chief executive’s proposal Modification of drinking water supply, sanitation and purification services regulationsthe purpose is to increase the rate.

The measure ultimately did not receive the necessary supportso Naren’s neighbors won’t see their bills increase, at least for the time being.


The council claims the proposal builds on “significant efforts” to freeze prices since 2014, which they claim is “no longer sustainable”.Naroni government stated Events in recent years — rising prices for energy, materials and more — have forced an update on tariffs “As is happening across all sectors and companies.”

The city council stressed that the Cosma joint venture would bear the difference in percentage of the installation factor. flow meter“Results derived from measurements taken after the start of operation.”

“This is not a pleasant measure, but it is necessary to guarantee the continuity of service provision and the viability of listed companies,” the committee said, recalling that they have mechanisms such as “tax bonuses” for those who need to take advantage their vulnerable families.

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Opposition groups disagree with this position.Therefore, the spokesperson Polyphenylene sulfide, Jorge UrlaThere were warnings even before the plenary session that the increase – about 30% – could have consequences for households and companies in the city.

“Currently we find ourselves seemingly irresponsible. Working families live in Nalong and we cannot make them bear the costs. If you have to look for other alternatives, then you have to do this. Even the BJP has started talking about re-municipalisation This service,” he said.

To be precise, the spokesperson of the public, castellon germanyrecalled that his party had repeatedly warned the city council that the situation in Cosma was “not good”. “They already know that we will not support this measure in any way. We have already seen the behavior of Terra Galega, which a few months before the election intends to raise taxes,” he criticized.

As far as nationalists are concerned Olea Ledo, considered it “unfair” that Naron’s neighbors had to pay “an increase of 15 euros that I did not receive”. “We now have to pay what we consider an unfair health tax, which for some works of general interest must be paid by the state. In any case, the responsibility for the situation in which Cosma finds itself cannot be the responsibility of citizens,” Ledo argued.

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