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Stork in secret for Rihanna: ASAP singer and husband Rocky would like toBecome parents for the second timebut they wouldn’t leak any indiscretions about the birth. The couple’s second child was allegedly born a few weeks ago, and while his name has not been released, clues about him have been leaked.

Rihanna’s mother bis (secretly)

About the second pregnancy unexpectedly became known during the break of the Super Bowl, but Rihanna chose to keep absolute confidentiality about the birth. According to the magazine TMZ extension the pop star would actually secretly have a second child last 3 august in a Los Angeles clinic, but there is no information about the gender of the newborn. As for the title, it seems initial “R”.

By now it has become a habit for the Barbadian singer and her husband, who, also in the case of their first child, chose not to reveal the name: it was daily maildraw up a birth certificate of a baptized child one year after birth RZA extension. A tribute to producer and rapper RZA, leader of the Wu-Tang Clan, whose real name is Robert Fitzgerald Diggs. And who knows, even in this case, the couple did not choose to celebrate any personalities from the world of music.

Pregnancy in the spotlight

Rihanna’s last public appearance dates back to July last year, when the pop star was spotted with her husband ASAP Rocky at dinner at a restaurant in Santa Monica, California. However, this was not an isolated case: the singer lived her pregnancy in the spotlight, several times marking her body and the shape of the expectant mother with original and extravagant outfits. What’s more, to celebrate such a special moment, she has developed a line of maternity underwear. Savage x Motherhood.

“I want to remind people that it’s possible to be sensual and feel good even when you’re a parent,” the star explained as she promoted her collection. And the market seems to confirm her point: more and more women are sacrificing modest looks in favor of outfits that highlight the bulge.

golden pair of music

Far from schemes, Rihanna and ASAP Rocky have been a couple since 2020, though they’ve known each other since 2013. As with the birth of their children, they never answered questions about their intended marriage. But there are plenty of clues. The indiscretion that came to light when they were at the Cannes Lions festival last June would have been indirectly confirmed by the rapper.

A$AP actually called Rihanna “my wife” during his Spotify concert: “I would like to dedicate this song to my beautiful wife,” he shouted to the audience. Given the couple’s notorious reticence in matters of personal life, it is highly likely that the ceremony took place in absolute secrecy. But who knows, maybe after some time the singer will decide to share some details about the dress and the ceremony.

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