Name your children after cities

When a son is bornif you don’t call it directly as your own or spouse’s parents starts the full names.

Sometimes we lean towards foreign names, those of stars of the momentperhaps the names of their own idolsnames of the cinemaof the sportfrom the musicbut now, to these, have also been added i city ​​names.

atabroad, especially in USA and Australia is a flourishing of names of Italian cities; after all, it happens that tourists are bewitched by cities such as Rome, Florence, Capri and Milan.

For example a New York many little girls are called Florencebut it is also catching on Ravenna. It also depopulates Emiliawhich is also used by us, Rome, Capri and rivers like Reno for the boys. The name Italy for example, in the last decade, abroad it more than doubled. They have been registered in America 122 girls called Italia and others called Itali or Italeighbut also Natalia is a big hit.

After all, until a few years ago the law which regulated theimposition of names on the registry office forbade the use of geographical place nameswith the exception, of course, of Italy, Europe, America and Asia which referred to a mythological character. Today this ban has been lifted and therefore it is a continuous flowering of names linked to the many countries and the many regions.

You can call your own daughter China, India, Dakota, Isla or Louisiana, and also how he did it Kim Kardashian decide to call call your own daughter North and your own son Chicago.

The important thing is that in the end the name imposed on the child by the parents is not ridiculous or offensive and respects the law. But let’s see in detail the most popular names abroad. To the first place is Florence/Florence. Let’s remember about it Florence Nightingalethe first head nurse who was named after the city where she was born. Florence is a name a bit vintage, but much appreciated. Appreciated in UK, Australia, New Zealand and Quebec. Would be also very popular in New York City.

To the second place there is instead Emilia. Perhaps it is not connected to the region, after all there is also Emile, our Emilio. What is surprising is to find Milan in third place. Not just as a male name. In addition to being the capital of fashion, Milan is a Slavic name meaning “dear”. It actually is unisex and is very popular.

Currently in USA there are 429 boys and 641 girls with the name of our Lombard capital. Milan is for example the name of the son of Shakira and Pique. It also coincides with a municipality Hindi name, Milanwhich comes from Sanskrit and means “unification”, “meeting”.

To the fourth place instead there is Rome. The name continues to grow in America, it has tripled and it is also in the top 1000 most used baby names of 2023.

Other name used is Sienaas Sienna Miller. If you think about it, however, we too in Italy we use foreign names of cities There are little girls who are called Geneva, Sofia, Asia, Adelaide which is one city ​​of Australia.

Future generations are citizens of the world in name and in fact.

Antonella Cutolo

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