Namibia suspends poultry imports

Namibia was re-established import banLive birds and poultry products.Countries affected this time Denmark and the Netherlands Following the outbreak of highly contagious bird flu in two European countries.

In recent years, Europe has been affected by bird flu (commonly known as bird flu).These contagions lead to sacrifice millions of birdsthus restricting the marketing of products such as thispoultry and eggs.

Import suspension affects all products packed in Denmark from June 28 so far.for poultry products parcel from the netherlands From July 11th According to the agency, they will not be listed Namibia Veterinary Services This is a statement.

All cooked poultry products shipped to these countries for commercial purposes may be imported with a veterinary permit.

All products leaving the two countries destined for African countries will be back to its origin. However, all cooked poultry products destined for these countries for commercial purposes may be imported under the following regulations: veterinary license.

Southern Africa consumes a total of about 2,500 tons of chicken Every month, these food items are imported from other countries in the South to meet demand.

Spanish import restrictions

Namibia to implement ban in 2022 all exports Due to the outbreak of the epidemic in many European countries, from Spain.but after confirming disease-free statusOn May 25, African countries lifted restrictions.

These restrictions limit the movement and import of goods Poultry and Poultry Products. However, Albertina Shilongo, director of veterinary services in Namibia, said the lifting of the ban would only apply to birds born after April 14, 2023, and meat produced after that date.

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