Napoleon Has Epic Trailer That Deserves A Historically Drawn Reunion Between Joaquin Phoenix And Ridley Scott

Next awards season will surely see a duel on Apple TV+, a streamer playing the card of great historical films that bring together iconic directors and actors. NapoleonDirected by Ridley Scott again with Joaquin Phoenix (after Gladiator) e assassins of the flower moonSigned by Martin Scorsese with Leonardo DiCaprio as the protagonist, two projects that have been born gorgeously on paper and have recently released their official trailers (the first just today) after months of widespread curiosity, but little of the clues nourished.

when it comes out Napoleon

Based on the exploits of the French leader and emperor, the film will hit Italian cinemas on November 23 this year, distributed by Eagle Pictures.

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amazing trailer of Napoleon

In less than two and a half minutes, the first trailer for Ridley Scott’s new historical film manages to recreate the insatiable triumph by sword and cannonballs of one of the greatest and bloodiest conquerors of all time.

We also start with something we probably don’t expect to see: the end of the monarchy, which culminates in Marie Antoinette’s execution. Then, battlefields, glimpses of military operations in the most diverse areas, strategic maps, interludes of love encounters and passions, accompanied by Josephine’s voice ready to morph into the new emperor – the image of her anointing is reminiscent of Commodus from Gladiator -: “You are just an animal who has no value without me.” A comment that hides the premise of the film, the perspective of the story and its director.

The plot is steeped in modern history Napoleon

All we have in this regard are our school memories and two subject lines which read as follows: “(The film will offer an original and personal look at the origins of Napoleon and his rapid and brutal rise to emperor, aided by his complex pursuit of relationship, if not toxic, with his great love, Giuseppina. A deeper look at the synopsis reveals that the film will cover the most important battles of his career as a leader and strategist.

all the actors in the court of Napoleon

Along with Joaquin Phoenix, there will also be Vanessa Kirby (as Josephine), Tahar Rahim (as Paul Barras), Ben Miles (Coulancourt), Matthew Needham (Lucien Bonaparte), but also Ludivine Sagnier and Edouard Philipponet in important roles.

from the trailer Napoleon

Joaquin Phoenix is ​​Napoleon Bonaparte in Ridley Scott’s new film

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