NASA mission to the moon in 2024, had to be Postponed, Why?


NASA mission to the moon
NASA mission to the moon. Photo: Special

NASA mission to the moon later, has been the talk of the multitude. This mission is planned to be carried out in the year 2024 future.

But it is a pity, because the mission to the moon it had to be postponed. The presence of this delay it is, the public wonders what causes it.

If you feel curious about the things that you can only check-out the reviews below. In addition to know the cause or the reason for the delay, you can also find a variety of other facts.

Delay of the NASA Mission to the moon

In accordance with what is cited from Phys on Friday, 20. March 2020, the space Agency NASA has closed the two facilities is important.

As for the facilities, so that the Assembly Michoud in New Orleans and Stennis Space Center, which is located in the vicinity of the Hancock Country, Mississippi.

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Whereas, both facilities have a large impact on the implementation of the mission to the moon. Where two of such facilities is the construction of the Space Launch System and Orion.

Because of the closure of the two facilities, it can be concluded that the NASA mission to the moon are not carried out in accordance with the time set in the original plan.

Why, then, these two facilities are closed? To note, the reason for the outbreak of the Corona virus. This is as described by Jim bride Stine as NASA Administrator.

According to him, the number of cases is increasing in connection with the outbreak of the Corona virus COVID-19 in the municipality at this time. In this case, also revealed that an employee of NASA, the confirmed positive COVID-19.

Don ‘ T stop it, there are a number of workers who are forced to be put under quarantine, in order to recover their health and hope for the spread of the Corona virus.

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To the knowledge of the facts, what is the reason for the delay of the NASA mission to the moon, you could say that the pandemic Corona had, it took almost 4 months, this was not only an impact on the industry and the country, but also exploration mission in space.

How are the rules applied by the various countries affected by the pandemic, Corona also, the employees in two facilities that are required in order to work from home.

Jim bride Stine, said that this rule applied because the safety and health of employees is a top priority.

What Space Launch System and Orion?

To the knowledge of the reason for the delay of the mission to the moon, not a few questions, what is it about the Space Launch System and Orion.

Space Launch System is the rocket of the latest generation, which is also known as SLS. Rocket, the Space Launch System developed to support the NASA mission to the moon.

The development of the Space Launch System led by the Space Launch System, which also plays an important role as a General contractor.

Its development encountered many obstacles. This makes the cost of production must be paid to swelling, and even almost 2 billion dollars.

For its properties, the Space Launch System, including the rocket the highest. Rocket, the Space Launch System has high about a 65-Meter-the equivalent of a building with 20 floors.

Switching to the Orion, the actual man-made object is a vehicle occupying the space, the support of the NASA mission to the moon.

Not only the moon, technology module, the crew is also specially designed to bring the people to the planet Mars in the future.

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So, the success of the mission on the moon, preparing to once more influence on the exploration of the Red planet.

The purpose of the Mission to the moon

Related NASA mission to the moon, then what actual purpose does he do? You need to know, mission to the moon as a springboard into landing a man on the planet Mars.

The mission, known as Artemis, is expected to repeat the success of human exploration of the moon that occurred several decades ago.

Behind the desire to achieve this, can hope NASA will also determine whether a sustainable natural satellite of the earth.

If you survive the mission of the Artemis, and then a way for the astronauts to be able to and even worked open to a number of post far.

Despite the closure of facilities due to the impact of the virus COVID-19 related to NASA’s mission be carried out to the moon, until the deadline has not been determined, sequence. Period of time, depending on the situation and conditions around. (R10/HR-Online)