NASA Supports the research, the lives of the astronauts on the moon : Okezone techno


ARIZONA Space Agency NASA for funding the research that supports it, the life of the astronauts on the moon. As is known, a manned mission to the moon skate planned in 2024.

Quotes inewsthe provision of the astronauts on the moon, NASA for funding the research on how people access to something as important as food and water.

Two new projects at the University of Arizona the search for a solution is to obtain food and water in the moon mission. The water on the moon would be very beneficial, both for drinking or making rocket fuel.

Scientists believe it is likely frozen water in the craters of the moon. Nevertheless, the discovery of frozen water-a challenge for science.

Therefore, they are combined with a small satellite-disposable-called FemtoSats with a powerful laser.

The satellite can be sent to hunt different points on the moon, for the water-and the communication with the lander by the laser.

Besides water, food is also important. But the plants behave strangely in zero gravity, so that it is difficult to grow in an environment like a space station or on the moon.

There are also practical problems in the conservation of the plants to remain healthy in an environment without gravity.

“There is no gravity, so this is very different from watering the garden in your garden. The balance of the water and nutrients directly to the root and oxygen levels sufficient for plants is a real problem,” he said.

A team of researchers in the development of systems for the plant and the nutrients in an environment with low gravity.