Natalia Jimenez Mocks Those Who Say She Is Bankrupt

Natalia Jimenez

The singer is living a problematic divorce process, since her ex Daniel Trueba.

Natalia Jiménez in her Instagram stories shared videos in which she mocks the rumors that claim that she is bankrupt.

The former vocalist of the band ‘Quinta Estación’ in a video showing a bottle of water said: “Very happy here in Miami, celebrating with Miami Dale water because Evian water costs 6 dollars” she said amused.

In another story, he is seen dragging a kite across the floor and commented: “Thanks to bankruptcy I learned to fly kites without air. Price of the kite: $ 6. I didn’t pay for Miami Dale air. Maybe that’s why there was no air ”.


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Natalia is going through a problematic divorce process, since her ex Daniel Trueba, the father of her daughter, accuses her of consuming drugs and alcohol, in addition to demanding a maintenance fee for the years she worked as her manager.


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