Natalie Dormer returns to the single after 11 years as a couple



In recent years, the actress Natalie Dormer has become one of the faces more recognizable of the small and the big screen thanks to their secondary roles in productions such as ‘Game of thrones’ or ‘The hunger games’, but in spite of the unstoppable ascent that has experienced his career, his personal life remained largely a mystery.

The only information that is known about his relationship with the screenwriter and director Anthony Byrne, with whom she lavished very little in public, is that the two of them had known while they recorded the series ‘Tudor’ -one of the first jobs of the relevance of the interpreter – and that since then had not been separated.The pair had left to see board a little more often this summer due to the promotion of the thriller ‘Between shadows’, written by the two starring her, but in his last interview the british actress has come out to confirm their amazing break.

The star has not been commissioned to make allusion to the end of their love story; instead the article includes only a brief reference that says: “The two met on the set of ‘The Tudor’, and from that push the film this summer have followed separate paths”.

Nathalie and Byrne have been in the same situation as other famous couples like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt or Charlize Theron and Sean Penn, who saw how they had the love after joining forces on the professional side, the first in the film ‘By The Sea’ for which they were placed together in front of the cameras again after ‘Mr and Mrs. Smith’, and the second in ‘The Last Face’ which he directed and she starred.