Natalie Dormer will be Vivien Leigh in the new series of biographical


Is still in the development phase of a new series of biographical who will tell the professional and personal life the iconic british actress Vivien Leigh. However, the woman who will get under the skin of the the protagonist of ‘What the wind’ already been chosen and confirmed.

It is Natalie Dormer, known for its participation in series such as “The Tudor” and “Game of Thrones”who will star in episodes that tell the life of actress winner of two Oscars, one for “gone with the wind” and another for his character in “A streetcar named desire”.

The marriage he had with Laurence Olivier for two decades, and his work with actors such as Marlon Brando, Warren Beatty and Clark Gable, and his death at age 53 due to tuberculosis are other topics that will be addressed by the production inspired by the life of the legendary actress.