Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied broke up: what happened

The actress would never have been able to regain faith in her husband after an extramarital affair discovered in June last year.

Actress Natalie Portmansoon in cinema May December Todd Haynes, that would be one step away from divorce from Benjamin Millepieddancer and choreographer with whom she has been partnered since late 2009 after meeting him on set Black Swan, the film that won her an Oscar for Best Actress.

Alleged betrayal at the root of the crisis

Voices of one crisis between Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied they began to circulate last June, when the French press published a series of images suggestive of an extramarital affair between a 46-year-old woman and a climate activist. Camille Etienne20 years younger.

A source close to the couple confirmed their relationship, highlighting how the actress found out about it and decided to break up. forgive her husbandfather of her two children Aleph AND Amaliaborn in 2011 and 2017. “Natalie thinks Benjamin’s relationship was short, silly flings that meant nothing to him,” a source close to the actress said, adding that while it was humiliated, the 42-year-old was “ready to see if he could recover.” confidence in her husband.

Natalie Portman is preparing for divorce

However, in recent days, Natalie Portman seems to have changed her mind about the future of her marriage to the dancer and choreographer. On August 4, the anniversary of the wedding, the actress was photographed in Australia. no wedding ringwhile the 46-year-old had gone alone in previous days to the premiere of his first film as director Carmen, and Nathalie gave herself a day as a spectator at the French Open.

The couple is in a quarrel

During these hours, a source close to the couple told the American press that Natalie and Benjamin had decided to separate. break up after eleven years of marriage“After the news of the extramarital affair went public, they tried to work on their marriage, but at the moment they are at loggerheads,” the source said. Us weekly.

Silence from direct participants

Neither Natalie Portman nor Benjamin Millepied have confirmed or denied the rumors of a breakup, but given how closely the couple has taken their privacy in recent years, you can swear that an official statement to this effect will never be made, as is the case. . often in Hollywood.

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