Natalie Portman broke up forever

Suspicions of betrayal and fatigue from a long relationship seem to be behind the final breakup of Natalie Portman’s marriage to choreographer Benjamin Millepied.

He was talked about and slandered so much that in the end the couple broke up. Natalie Portman she would definitely break up with her husbandformer dancer and choreographer at the head of the Paris Opera, Benjamin Millepied. Their marriage lasted 11 years, some of which lived right in the trans-Alpine capital, where Portman spent some time.

What is the reason? He certainly cannot be untethered from the infidelity that appeared on the websites and gossip magazines of her husband, who was seen and immortalized in an intimate relationship with Camille EtienneA 25-year-old environmental activist, more than twenty years his junior. According to a source cited by US Weekly magazine, they are currently at odds.after trying to put the pieces of their marriage together after the escapade.

Even Portman was photographed alone in Australia last August 4 on the occasion of the couple’s wedding anniversary. Moreover, he did not have a wedding ring on his finger. Aleph, 12, and Amalia, 6, the couple’s two children. But, despite the willingness to think about them, it seems that the relationship is now irrevocably worn out. Natalie and Benjamin met on the set of Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan.where he took dancing lessons with her, apparently went even further.

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