Natalie Portman says working with Julianne Moore is ‘very exciting for me’

List of May December films that must be seen in cinemas in Brazil in January 2024: Natalie Portman Revelou as trabalhar com Julianne Moorewho plays the main character of the film, “an absolute relief in my life.

Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore in May December

Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore in May December

Photo: Divulgação/Perfil Brasil

Director Todd Haynesor a movie, if it works”won the years after the novel ganhar like manchetes do pais” AND “The home pussy breaks when the player is caught walking two steps of the movie.In this case, Portman plays Elizabeth Berry, and Moore plays Gracie Atherton.

During the interview Netflix queue, Portman praises you as a fellow A-lister. “Admiro Giuli spent a lot of time working mostly with (director) Todd (Haynes).“I confirm.”The collaboration in this film reminds me of some moments from films that I love. Now working with these joints is a real pleasure in my life.

According to Alem, Julianne Moore also makes a statement about the wheel’s influence on her life: “I would like them to spin when I clean them again. This is interesting. Parezia was beyond compare. Even the minute the voice enters him, he is incredibly stable. There was a huge amount of feeling, humanity and complexity in it.

What follows is a story about the character of a person. “As for Gracie, you feel great joy in front of her. Ela quer dizer: “Vezha-me. Know it here. Saiba in order to get an education“explainable”.Which one will be clear. Because there is something really interesting about him, let someone come into his life in a special way to explore it, to see what he is like.

But it’s clear that Gracie is also presenting a verse about the same thing she’d like to hear. Because Elizabeth becomes more dangerous when Gracie realizes she can’t control her narrative.“, increases centou.

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