Natasha Lyonne is disappointed she hasn’t been approached by Marvel after the success of ‘Russian Doll’

Natasha Lyonne says she is disappointed she hasn’t been approached by Marvel Studios following the success of ‘Russian Doll’.

In 2019, Natasha Lyonneknown for her roles in 15-20, American Pie, horror movie 2 And blade Trinityrose to prominence among television’s most talented writers for her work as showrunner, executive producer and actress on both seasons of the series Russian doll Of Netflix,

During a panel discussion hosted by The Hollywood Reporter, which also featured Jenna Ortega And elle fanningNatasha Lyonne admitted she was disappointed and surprised by the success Russian doll explaining to him, that didn’t open the door for him to the more commercial side of the film industry Received no offers to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe,

It’s funny when you’re the writer, producer, director and star and you have 13 applications for your work but No one approaches you to say ‘Here are a bunch of Marvel movies we want you to do.’ In fact, they’re probably like, ‘Oh, now we see you as a potential danger,

Leon said that from his point of view Male lead actors in similar positions generally do not face this problem.,

In other words, I’m talking about something related to the entertainment industryNot a personal thing, but for some reason it’s so easy to say, ‘Oh my god, this guy is awesome and fun to watch, let’s put that in a lot of stuff.’ It’s very different for boys and girls, Although I would say that the exception might be Larry David. It could be that he hasn’t actually received many calls from Marvel. Or maybe he gets it and just says, ‘Um, no thanks.’

Leon later clarified that His complaints clearly have nothing to do with Marvel Studios And on a broader discussion of how actors are allowed to move from official and intimate projects to commercial projects in Hollywood:

Maybe my name doesn’t mean anything at Marvel. And it may be intentional. I think there are many people Try to be generous and sayin’Oh, I didn’t know you wanted to do something like that. You have made ‘PEN15’. And I don’t know those women personally, but I don’t suddenly see them on billboards all over town in romantic comedies or whatever.

Natasha Lyonne

we remember that blade Trinity (2005), written and directed by david s goyersee in cast wesley snipes (Eric Brooks/Blade), Jessica Biel (Abigail Whistler) Ryan Reynolds (Hannibal King) Kris Kristofferson (Abraham Whistler) Dominic Purcell (Drake), parker posey (Danica Talos) John Michael Higgins (Dr. Edgar Vance), Natasha Lyonne (Somerfield), triple h (Jarco Grimwood) e patton oswalt (Hedges).

This is the official summary:
,Blade (Wesley Snipes) is on the trail of a new threat to humans, along with his mentor Whister (Kris Kristofferson). A group of vampires are, in fact, trying to revive Drake (Dominic Purcell), a terrifying being with extraordinary powers and able to withstand sunlight. Helping Blade and Whister is a group of ‘Nightstalkers’, hunters of the forces of evil led by the beautiful Abigail (Jessica Biel) and the hottie Hannibal King (Ryan Reynolds). The fate and salvation of humanity once again rests in the hands of Blade in his final challenge against Drake.,

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