Nationalism in Barcelona and Mucha’s “Art Nouveau”

Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939) was a bohemian, internationalist and patriot, one of its greatest advocates. Art Nouveau. He elevated advertising posters to the category of art with seductive female compositions so unprecedented at the time that they were so attractive that the public tore them off the streets and took them home.

“La Traviata”, “Lorenzacho”, “Samaridan”… They are the main features of the samples that can be seen at Palacio Martorell until October 15th. The building opened in January as an exhibition hall in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, the second commitment of the season following the success of Sorolla.

travel begins in gismunda, Almost by accident Mucha designed the first poster for Sarah Bernhardt (his muse, his discoverer and his devoted fan).The most famous actress of the time called the printing house where the author worked on Christmas Eve and asked them to change critical moment The design of the poster and the composition improvised by the young Czech, who at the time was merely reviewing sketches, mesmerized the film star, suddenly transformed into a Byzantine goddess on a pedestal. Bernhardt was naturally very happy and hoped to sign an exclusive cooperation agreement with Mucha.

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