Natti Natasha again caught fire the net: naked and with a dedication


Natti Natasha is very active in his quarantine, and keeps their fans with each of its innovations. But not everything is music. The singer tends to be very sensual in some of your photos or videos.

A few days ago, Natti Natasha surprised her with a clip in where danced naked in your theme “Without pyjamas”, the hit that made with Becky Gin his dressing room, with a wizard that launches steam with an iron.

In just one day, the publication had more than 8 million “likes” and thousands of comments. The dominican came back for more and uploaded a photo where she is totally naked, but cover their private parts with a towel.

“IG, I see all the time your “I like” this Domi you likewhen you say Daddy, ” was the text that accompanied the posting, without giving more details.

There was No shortage of comments from his followers: “Goddess”, “The lasts of the lasts“or “why do you do this to the poor men during the quarantine,” some of them were. Others were upset with your publication.

“There is No need for that you show it as well to see how beautiful and talented you are. Disculpame but you lost the respect,” noted a fan. Many believe that all of this has to do with the release of a new video.