Natti Natasha’s miniskirt went up

She is 33 years old and is already one of the most influential reggaeton artists in the industry

Natti Natasha loves life at sea, that’s why every time she gets on her yacht, she doesn’t miss the opportunity to take a sexy photo. And although this time she has not been seen with a small bikini, she did appear with a miniskirt, which when sitting down has been known to her thighs.

The set appears to be a wool setting, a fabric similar to Chanel’s famous Wool Tweed, only this instead of being a jacket is divided into a low-cut top with a matching skirt.

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Viernes y ….. @fashionnova Fashionnovapartner #Quemaltefueremix

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The clothing itself appears to be from the Fashion Nova brand, as it is thus exposed in its publication. Cardi B and Chiquis Rivera are other celebrities who also have a predilection for this brand and promote it through their social networks.

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Reboot. 💎

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