Natural stone gives skin a “porcelain” look and acts as a natural deodorant

for him skin careThere is no way to resort to home remedies.In this sense, there is a Stone It can not only be used as natural deodorant but it helps make face like newand other properties.

As we all know, the right choice food what we will consume, with physical activities and others habit change They explain on their website that they are the key to good health mayo clinica not-for-profit entity dedicated to clinical practice, education, and research.

So it’s no surprise that, in the age of tight pockets, it’s hard to find natural skin alternatives like a tan. annoying acne, wrinkles until armpit odor.

Alum stone, has many skin care uses.

In any case, the important thing is Always consult a dermatologist Please provide your opinion and the best treatment options for each condition before making a decision.

What is alum stone?

alum is one way Ternary compound sulfate., speak chemical terms, explain portals Health is better.

and it expands the composition of this sulfate is usually aluminum, due to its status as a trivalent metal and any other monovalent metal. One of the largest and most effective displays it had was the so-called alum stone or block of alum.

have a color translucent white It is usually manufactured mainly from potassium alum after processing.

There are other types of alunite such as ammonium, chromium or soda alum.Alum blocks are not made on the basis of alum grass, which by the way has an effect antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents, The ingredients used in dermatology are derived from potassium.

There are different types of alunite.

Alunite Properties

Alunite is currently mainly used in cosmetics.

An article was published on Journal of Clinical and Health Sciencesfound that alunite has antibacterial effect For certain microorganisms, such as those that cause bad odours.Likewise, properties are also attributed to it cure, sterilizein addition to being able to be used on sensitive skin.

Although these properties require further research, as there is not enough scientific evidence, alum stone has different uses and can help care for the skin. some of them:

Alum Stone Deodorant

This stone can be used as Natural deodorant. There is evidence of its effectiveness, although it should not be used on a daily basis as it does not mask body odor but prevents it.act like a Mineral layer that inhibits bacterial formation Causes an unpleasant odour.

This stone can be used as a natural underarm deodorant.

Can be used on the underarms besides the underarms feet and other body parts Sweat easily.

raw material

  • 1 alum stone
  • 1 tsp myrrh powder (5 g)


  • Dip the stone strips into the water.
  • Stick on myrrh powder and apply to desired areas.

acne mask

Studies have shown that this stone helps Fights acne and reduces skin impurities Due to its antibacterial properties, the

Prepare an acne mask.

raw material

  • 2 tbsp alum powder (30 g)


  • Mix alum with egg whites in a bowl.
  • Let it rest as it acquires a foamy texture.
  • Apply the mask on your face and leave it on for a few hours.

Alunite Crystals Fight Streaks

Crystal is one of the manifestations of alunite.his appearance is similar to crushed, but it is thicker and keeps the crystals intact.This mode can be used for Slightly reduces the appearance of stretch marks.

How to Fade Stretch Marks with Alum Stone.

raw material

  • 1 tbsp crystals (15 g)
  • ½ cup moisturizer (125ml)


  • While in the shower, rub the soap over the stretch mark area.
  • Adhere the alumite crystals and let sit for a few minutes.
  • When the effect is felt, remove it with more soap.
  • After showering, apply moisturizer to prevent irritation.

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