NBA 2K24 Analysis – Let’s make it simple, shoot and defend

In the world of video games, there has long been only one King of Basketball. Visual Concepts has no rival to 2K’s proposal because it doesn’t even have a shadow. In fact, it’s the only representation of the beautiful game in America since EA’s ill-fated NBA Live never recovered.

Therefore, year after year, “NBA 2K” has become the only choice to enjoy the new season of NBA superstars. But just because it doesn’t have competitors doesn’t mean it’s resting on its laurels like other franchises or companies. Far from that, Visual Concepts launches new features every year in terms of game modes, gameplay, etc.

“NBA 2K24” is no exception Continuing the quest to perfect a formula that has proven effective over the years. But, nonetheless, this is a formula that abuses microtransactions. This common evil is still very much alive and rewards those who spend more money on players and improvements. This effect overshadows other new features, such as the inclusion of Mamba Moments, a series of challenges honoring the late Kobe Bryant. We will discuss all of this in the course of our analysis of this game, which again is simple to play. Pick-and-roll and pallet boarding, let’s not complicate our lives.

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