NBA immortal Michael Jordan’s $3 billion feat further fuels GOAT debate, 55-year-old tennis legend gives final verdict

NBA legend Michael Jordan is widely regarded as the greatest basketball player. Recently, a 55-year-old tennis legend presented flowers to him on German Unity Day. via his Instagram Story. world’numberIn 1991, he achieved extraordinary achievements by winning 5 MVP titles and 6 NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls.

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The German is the youngest ever Wimbledon singles champion. But after retirement, his life has been in chaos. Unlike other legends, he still hits big after hanging up his boots.

Michael Jordan praised by controversial tennis legend


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Boris Becker is the youngest winner of the Wimbledon Gentlemen’s Singles title. He won 64 championships throughout his career. These include 6 Grand Slam singles titles (3 Wimbledon, 2 AO, 1 US Open) and an Olympic doubles gold medal. However, he struggled to find the same success off the field. Unlike “His Air” Michael Jordan, his off-court bounty was greater than his career earnings.

Earlier this year, Jordan sold the majority of his stake in NBA team the Charlotte Hornets. Its net worth soared to $3 billion. This is the second-highest sale price in NBA history.

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According to a report published by Forbes, Jordan became the first professional athlete to become a billionaire back in 2014.

Recently, Jordan also became the first professional athlete to enter the Forbes 400 list of the richest Americans. Thanks to his incredible sale price of $3 billion, he is now ranked 379th on the list.

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Boris Becker, who has long regarded Michael Jordan as the greatest player of all time, posted a photo of Michael Jordan on Instagram and lavished praise on him, saying : “goat jordan“. The disgraced tennis legend is clearly appreciating his basketball stardom.


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Troubles after Boris Becker retires

Although his name is now mired in controversy, several tennis greats have spoken highly of the German.

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Novak Djokovic, currently ranked No. 1 in the world, has been full of praise for Becker’s mental strength. Becker’s lightning-fast serve can be predicted by watching the direction of his tongue. At least, that’s what Agassi said. But you can never predict what life will be like for Becker off the field.


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A year ago, Becker was sentenced to two and a half years in prison at London’s Southwark Crown Court for hiding £2.5 million in assets and loans in a bankruptcy fraud case. I returned to Germany in December 2022 after 8 months of service.

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