NBA in trouble because of Lillard Instagram Live: ‘Miami’ song is heard in the background

in a difficult situation like Damian Lillard and the Portland Trail Blazers, Every subtlety can become an accident. That’s what happened tonight because of a song released in 1997 “Miami”, made famous by Will Smith and used by a DJ at the Paris club where Lillard was alsoAs is often the case with him, was in directly on instagram, Lillard has been spotted joke about dj choicean attitude that is taken as a clear sign A possible transfer to the Heat has been rumored for some time, as he himself listed it as one of his favorite destinations and stated that Bam Adebayo is one of his best friends in the league. However, he quickly thought of extinguishing the fire that started on the social network Lillard’s Agent Aaron Goodwin: “Dame is in Paris for ‘working holiday’ the music was just a coincidencehe told The Athletic. “Damien is not a provocateur and he does not disrespect anyone, he would have no reason to do so intentionally. He laughed in the video because it was a coincidence that the DJ actually played that song., The live broadcast lasted about 15 minutes and during that time we also heard “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston, which contains the phrase “i want to feel warm with someone”, giving rise to further – and slightly confusing – speculation.

Blazers’ position: “We have no desire to sell him”

For his part, and despite drafting a point guard like Scooter Henderson in the draft, I The Portland Trail Blazers claim they do not want to trade Lillard. “I’d like to see Dame retire as a member of the Blazers” said executive chief Joe Cronin. ,i have no desire to trade itI really hope things can work out here. I’ve always maintained open contact with his agent, keeping him up to date on everything to make sure we’re all in line. Cronin indicated that the direction desired by Lillard, who would have preferred to trade the No. 3 for a player ready to compete immediately, is different from the direction taken by the franchise: “Dame really wants to win and is probably more vocal than ever about repeating this, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing, It means he still cares deeply, and the same applies to us.”

NBA in trouble because of Lillard Instagram Live: ‘Miami’ song is heard in the background


Lost Beale, Miami “thinks big”: Lillard wants

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