NBA legends talk about who is better, Jordan or James?

The comparison between LeBron James and Michael Jordan has been a topic of discussion among basketball fans around the world, but few old-school NBA stars have had their say.

This time, Tony Kukoc, the former star sixth man of the Chicago Bulls headed by Jordan, has a different vision from other legends when he talks about who is better, “Flying Jordan” or “Uranus” James. The best league in the world.

players of different periods

The Croatian commented that despite wanting to compare the two players, the two did not share the pitch for the same period of time. “It’s hard to compare players who never played at the same time; they never played against each other…Michael obviously took world basketball to another level. From that moment on, LeBron was himself. LeBron now gave Luka to be Chances of Luka or Jokic being Jokic,” he said.

In turn, he also highlights the fact that there is a huge gap in access to information between the 80s or 90s and today. Kukoc said players today know how to prepare better, recover from injuries, eat better and other factors that can help them perform better on the court.

Additionally, he said he would compare Jordan to Tiger Woods, Messi, Ronaldo or Michael Phelps as he classified the Bulls’ legendary No. 23 as a GOAT (greatest of all time) or greatest Good, because he was able to share with him on the court.

And what about the others who were dominant in their day?

Kukoc also mentioned that what other NBA legends have done cannot be set aside. He brought up names such as “Magic” Johnson, Larry Bird, Bill Russell and Elgin Baylor as he explained that they were so dominant in the era that keeping them out of the conversation was a mistake. disrespectful.

“People want to be on social media, they’re all 20-30 year olds, they’ve never seen these guys play, they say, ‘They’re slower, they’re not ready physically, they’re not this, they’re not Like that, but they score from all over. They have so much skill set; they know basketball,” he said.

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