NBA stars like LeBron James and Stephen Curry exempt from new ‘load management’ rules

Iarrive NBA Formal action has been taken on this matter and action is being taken on the dispute “Load Management”.

this Alliance Council The new standard, which was approved on Wednesday, is called Player Participation Policy,To ensure that the “star player” Access to nationally televised regular season games and seasonal tournaments. The NBA defines a “star player” as a player who has played for a certain team All-Star or All-NBA Team Over the past three seasons, there have been 49 active players Associations that meet this standard.

However, There are exceptions to the new policy, Specifically for players Over 35 years old or played at least 34,000 minutes in the NBA. These players may be rested under certain circumstances with prior approval from the of them is LeBron Jamesthe scoring leader in NBA history and his rival in the north, Stephen Currythe Triple King, is another.

New policy description

NBA commissioner Adam Silver has long implored teams to play their part Best players in prime time gamesfor refusing to do so under the pretext of “rest” and “load management” Dilutes the fan experience.

“Ultimately, it’s about the fans,” Silver said. “We have gone too far. This is right “Things have gotten a little out of hand.”.

Modern coaches have tried Limit damage and to keep players as fresh as possible after a brutal playoff run. 82 regular season games.The new rules attempt to maintain the importance and integrity of the entire season and Reduce the number of “meaningless” matches or a team “tank” effort.

Who else is exempt?

In other words, in addition to James and Curry, there are still a few stars who are eligible to rest when healthy.These include Kevin Durant, James Harden and Chris Paul – The future Hall of Famer has plenty of mileage on his odometer.

Durant, who will make it happen I will be 35 years old by the end of this monththe third benchmark for resting when healthy has been reached: more than 1,000 combined games experience between the regular season and playoffs.Durant played 1,152 games in his career; Harden (34) has played 1,160 times and Paul (38 years old) has played in 1,363 NBA gamesall as starters.

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