NBA team executive arrested for drunken driving

Cleveland Cavaliers president of operations Kobe Altman arrested for DUI over weekendif the charges are proven, he may face a ban or fine from the NBA.

The officer saw Altman disrespecting street lane lines and asked him to stop., according to themselves. That’s when they discovered the Cavaliers executive was showing signs of being drunk. Additionally, the driver refused to submit to a breathalyzer test and was arrested.

The Cleveland Cavaliers released a statement on what happened: “We are aware of the incident involving our President of Operations, Kobe Altman. We are currently gathering information regarding this matter and therefore do not have any further comment at this time.”.

Who is Ultraman Kobe?

It should be noted that Altman is one of the most important members of the board of directors of the team he manages. Mike Gansey as General Managerwho was promoted to the position in February 2022 after serving as assistant general manager.

Koby Altman started his career in Cleveland in 2012, playing a vital role in the best era in the franchise’s history. In 2017, after winning the championship, he replaced David Griffin As a decision-making boss. Under his leadership, reconstruction efforts began after the second evacuation. LeBron Jamesallowing the Cavaliers to become the leading team in the Eastern Conference, which also led to Will be re-elected as president until 2028.

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