NBA time of coronaviruses: the atypical tournament which brings together legends and current figures which will begin this Sunday


The pandemic caused by the coronavirus does not stop and now one of its main foci were located in the united States, where there are more than 469 thousand positive COVID-19 (it is the country with most cases in the world) and a total of 16,676 people who have died.

Given this scenario, the major sporting competitions, such as the NBA (basketball), NHL (ice hockey), MLS (soccer), NFL (american football) and MLB (baseball), you are detained. However, some will seek alternatives to be able to entertain their fans.

This is the case of the NBA. After organising a tournament of 2K (video game most famous in this discipline) among a few players, now went a step further and will be a contest with hoops, balls and athletes truth. Nothing of virtual reality. Internationally televised through ESPN a H-O-R-It Challenge.

How do you play? It is simple. It is a challenge that each participant will perform a release, which must be imitated by the rest. In case you do not achieve this, you will receive a letter. The that is first the word HORSE (horse in English), you will be disqualified. The shots, except for dunks, can be a double, a triple, without a board, a hand or back, for example.

This competition, which will include current figures in the NBA, the WNBA and some legends, will start on Sunday and end on Thursday. As the united States is the country with the most hiv infections in the world, each one of the participants will play from their home, to respect the insulation and so prevent the spread of the virus .

State Farm, sponsor of the event, will donate $ 200,000 as aid against the coronavirus.

Chris Paul: the base of the Oklahoma City Thunder was a 10 time All Star.

Brings Young: the young hope of the Atlanta Hawks is called to be one of the best shooters in the league and comes from play in the last Game of the Stars.

Zach LaVine: the escort is currently player franchise of the Chicago Bulls.

Mike Conley: one of the main figures of the Utah Jazz.

Paul Pierce: the legend of the Boston Celtics won the ring of the NBA in 2008 and retired in 2017.

Chauncey Billups: he became champion in 2004 with the Detroit Pistons.

Tamika Catchings: former player of the WNBA who was recently elected to the Hall of Fame.

Allie Quigley: the player of the Chicago Sky faith and was a three-time All-Star.

– Brings Young vs. Chauncey Billups (quarter-final – Group 1)

– Tamika Catchings vs. Mike Conley (quarter-final – Group 1)

– Zach LaVine vs. Paul Pierce (quarterfinals – Group 2)

– Chris Paul vs. Allie Quigley (quarterfinals – Group 2)

The duels will begin at 20:00 in Argentina and internationally televised ESPN

The duels will begin at 22:00 in Argentina and internationally televised ESPN

This famous game in the united States was included three times in the ALL-Star Weekend (1979, 2009 and 2010). In the last two the winner was Kevin Durant, champion with the Golden State Warriors and current player of the Brooklyn Nets. The first time was imposed before Joe Johnson and OJ Mayo, while in the final he beat Rajon Rondo and Omri Casspi.

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