Nearly 100 minors joined HNP in the first half of this year – El Sol de Puebla

total 98 minors they entered Children’s Hospital of Puebla In the first half of the year, due to five diseases, Cleft palate, kidney failure, complicated pneumonia, head trauma and leukemiawhich was the one with the highest incidence (60 patients).

According to a public information request on facing page 211200723000635, from January to August 2023, the state’s Secretary of Health Nearly 100 children aged 6 to 11 years old were registered He went to the hospital for medical treatment and required hospitalization.

The data breaks down as follows: 44 patients with cleft palate, 60 patients with leukemia, 6 patients with kidney failure, 3 patients with complicated pneumonia and 25 patients with head trauma.

although, Last year, 148 boys and girls received assistance The above age range. Leukemia was also the disease of greatest concern, with 82 hospitalized patients registered.

In addition, 5 minors suffered from cleft palate, 14 suffered from renal failure, 1 suffered from complicated pneumonia, 45 suffered from head trauma, and 1 suffered from digestive tract malformation.

It is worth mentioning that only In the first half of 2023, half of the cases will exceed the standard Leukemia receiving treatment in 2022.

Also, because only the total number of hospitalized patients is disclosed, it is not reported when patients were discharged or whether there were deaths in each period.

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