Nearly 2,000 people smoke; keep trying to avoid it

Nearly 2,000 people aged 15 and over smoke in Panama; the fight to zero the statistics continues.

Nearly 2,000 people (aged 15 and over) smoke in Panama, and some form of smoking-related disease occurs each year in the country. Given the circumstances, the Panamanian authorities involved in the matter still hope that the statistics will be reduced.

in accordance with Carolina Vanega, Technician, Health Promotion Agency, Ministry of Health,member National Council on Tobacco Controlinside World Tobacco Survey The prevalence rate in our country is 7.8%, compared to the previous figure of 10.5%, which means that greater action is needed to continue to reduce this figure, especially for the young population.

In order to implement these strategies, Ministry of Health The Youth Survey is being updated to see whether the figures for tobacco use are increasing or decreasing.

“Adolescent surveys show that, in terms of the prevalence of tobacco product consumption, surveys consistently focus on the 13-15 age group,” Vanega stressed.

This concern was latent, so these agencies decided to take joint action to disseminate information about the dangers of tobacco use and other related devices.he ministry of education and national police Some of the entities involved in the program are already working in metropolitan area schools, San Miguelito and West Panamathough they wish to expand to other provinces.

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Vanega recalls that there are consequences to consuming tobacco products, the most common of which are known as “secondhand smokers,” who do not smoke but do receive all the smoke from smokers, or appear to be non-smokers. – Infectious diseases: hypertension, heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, malignant tumor, chronic bronchitis and even death.

Additionally, the consequences of smoking bring about an estimated $416 million in annual economic impact to the state, according to data shared by Vanega, so reaching young people who typically start with vaping or vaping is important.

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For those who want to quit smoking, there are 56 smoking cessation clinics across the country, spread across health regions. Attention from a range of professionals including psychologists and psychiatrists is free.

Although National Public Health Survey (2019) Reflecting that we have the lowest prevalence in the Americas and are considered tobacco smoke free, this strategy continues through the strengthening of laws such as Law No. 315 of June 30, 2022, which bans the use, importation of electronic Commercialization of nicotine delivery systems, electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, tobacco warmers and other similar devices, whether or not they contain nicotine Republic of Panama.

The campaign goes into effect on May 31, World No Tobacco Day and on October 25, National No Tobacco Daybut they are maintained throughout the year in an effort to bring awareness to as many people as possible.

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