Nearly 5,000 people affected by weather in Talca

How is this going?

Various agencies continue to work to assist families and people affected by heavy rains and the flooding of rivers, estuaries and canals. In the case of the city of Talca, the municipality has updated daily reports estimating that nearly 5,000 people were affected and 1,200 houses suffered some type of damage.

What does the document say?

Official reporting deadline for information is Wednesday 23 August at 2pm.have shown “So far, the estimate of 1,200 houses damaged due to flooding and flooding is maintained. As for the victims, approximately 4,760 men, women and children were affected, spread across urban and rural areas.

What kind of help has it brought to the family?

Documents detail that 849 blankets, 467 food boxes, 120 emergency kits, 178 double beds, 120 mattresses, 180 pillows, 244 nylons, and bags of charcoal and sandbags (in case of rain) were delivered.

What does the Municipal Shelter in Talca do?

«There are currently 10 people in the shelter set up at the Javierra Carrera Educational Complex, 8 of whom are sleeping on the streets and 2 are married couples from the area of ​​Mantos del Río. There, they provided four meals a day, stayed overnight, and conducted health checks to verify the status of the asylum seekers. We received social assistance from the community and provided hygiene kits to each refugee. Additionally, a social headquarters has been established in the Los Areneros district for overnight accommodation »the report added.

What is the key point?

  • The entire rural area of ​​the commune, especially Providencia, San Valentin, Corazon de Maria, Elsos, Porvenir, Los Aneros, Las Tinajas and Buenavi sta.
  • Don Renato.
  • swiss village
  • Villa Cerrillos.
  • observer.
  • The villa is located.
  • river mantle
  • San Miguel del Piduco.
  • Huilliborgoa, Maintenhuapi, Pangue Bajo and sections of the K-440 road remain isolated.

What is the deployment of security?

  • Some staff are supporting the provision of social assistance.
  • Mobile phones carry out security work at key points in affected homes.
  • The surveillance camera is fully functional with no damage or technical issues.
  • Monitoring centers run by municipal and gendarmerie personnel have surveillance and security functions and, unlike yesterday, they focus on detecting key points.

What happens to municipal high schools and colleges?

  • Mayor Juan Carlos Diaz decided to close classes on Thursday, August 24 and Friday, August 25, but continue to provide food to children and youth. Return to school is Monday, August 28th.
  • Teaching and support staff return to institutional work. Educators whose homes have been damaged can stay home.
  • The resumption of classes will be in accordance with Ministry of Education guidelines, which have yet to be determined.
  • In terms of infrastructure, the flood-hit Prisma School remains the most affected campus.
  • There were no major problems in 18 institutions.
  • Leakage occurred in 29 educational institutions, and courtyards were flooded to varying degrees.
  • 2 VTF kindergartens have no problems, and 7 kindergartens have a certain degree of impact (leakage or water in the room).
  • The Juan Luis Sanfuentes School, the Carlos Salinas Lagos School, the Antupehuén School, the San Agustín School (Primary School) and the Liceo Bicentenario Diego Portales School have given notice that they will start a campaign to collect assistance. flood..

Where do you clean and sanitize?

  • Villa Cerrillos
  • baeza str.
  • el cajon str.
  • cardboard channel
  • El Mirador district.
  • Villa Mentos del Río.
  • Northern neighborhoods (Don Gonzalo, Don Clemente, Villas Las Américas).
  • swiss village
  • The affected house (Villa Cerrillos) is being cleaned, dried and disinfected.
  • Work is in progress using excavators and backhoes to clear the Baeza Canal and rural areas of the commune, using 8 hoppers to lift material in the Baeza, El Cajon and El Cajon Canals, and using trucks to transport material.
  • Work is carried out by removing water using pit cleaning vehicles and motorized pumps.
  • A team of more than 150 city officials was deployed, including workers from companies that provide street sweeping and green space services, to support the cleanup.

What is community health deployment like?

  • All health centers are operating as normal.
  • The Community Health Department installed 12 new mobile phones for on-site care.
  • Starting tomorrow (Thursday 24th August) at each health center (9:00 am to 4:00 pm) Hepatitis A vaccination is offered to persons under 40 years of age, pregnant women and volunteers who have been or are exposed to sewage ; and provide tetanus prophylaxis for those involved in debris removal.
  • Coordinate with respective centers to provide ongoing support for the transfer of persons requiring dialysis.
  • Every health center has been asked to prioritize home visits to bedridden patients to investigate their needs and provide needed help.
  • Faced with questions from the public, it is advisable to contact your nearest health center or where you are registered as a patient.

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