Necessary that the State and Federation are coordinated with pandemic coronavirus


The schemes applied by the state administration to support people in the informal economy, small and medium entrepreneurs; they are positive, but it requires coordination with the Federation to ensure that the measures are more effective; warned dr. Ignacio Román Morales, economist, member of the National System of Researchers. He stressed that the mood of confrontation in the middle of the emergency coronavirus might affect the Entity.

“The supports have to be done, but as a mechanism articulated between the State and the Federation, not as a matter of confrontation, you must avoid the risk of duplication because if we are faced with scarcity of resources, the worst thing you can do is to go into schemes poorly articulated, ” he said.

On the decision of the state administration of resorting to short-term credit to meet the contingency by coronaviruses, the specialist said that yes involves a risk to the state finances as there is still uncertainty about the size of the impact that they will have the income and equity of this year.

Román Morales stressed that the current economic crisis, the brake of the industrial sector and investment, along with the collapse in the price of oil and other factors, will impact the collection so that there is no certainty of the funds available to make payment of the short-term debt that was contracted

“There will be fewer resources available participables, the price of oil has gone down, and that resource will be extremely limited. What may occur is that the investments and state revenues are not sufficient. You should be considering the difficulties that come to the economy at the national level. The risk of short-term debt is that, if not paid, it will end up restructured and becoming long-term,” she said.

The Government of the State hired two credits unsecured (short-term) to access thousand million pesos (MDP) for its schema support. Banorte was awarded a loan of 800 million pesos and Santander 200 million, both debts shall be paid in a year.



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