Neil Young angry with concert industry: ‘Enough is enough’

Canadian singer-songwriter Neil Young is back to rail against the big companies that organize concerts and sell tickets online because of the prices

with post titled concert touring is broken (Tour Business Broke Up) Posted on their official website, Neil Young he openly opposed it ticketmasteris a giant in the production and sale of live music shows as well as an online ticketing service.

A very hard-fought controversy from the Canadian rocker, who had returned to perform live only a few days earlier, surprisingly and unannounced, during a protest in Victoria to protect some forests near his home, The threat was created by a construction and logging process authorized by the Government of Canada.

neil young against the music industry

“I get letters from fans who charge me for $3,000 in tickets to a benefit concert. I think it’s only fair that people know that the money doesn’t go to me, it doesn’t go to charity. “ he wrote Neil Young,

“It’s already over. The good old days are gone – the veteran rocker continues in his post – Tours are not fun anymore. I am no longer what they used to be.”

reference to Neil Young is on Ticketmaster: Because the tweet with which the leader of The Cure was embedded in the post robert smith The English band’s US tour prices were officially protested, which were considered too high.

protest against robert smith

on that occasion Blacksmith He was even more clear: “As much as all of you I am disgusted by Ticketmaster’s ‘commission’ increase – wrote to the frontman of Treatment , We must be very clear on this point. The artist has no way of limiting them. I asked how these expenses are justified. If I get a satisfactory answer, I will let everyone know.”

day after Blacksmith Posted another tweet: “Ticketmaster has agreed with us that many of the fees charged are excessive and, as a gesture of goodwill, has offered $10 cashback per ticket to all verified fans…” that is, they cannot be considered Sculpers, scalpers. The Cure are completing one of the most impressive US tours in their history and have apparently garnered a huge public consensus that stems from their campaign against major sales and holding of concerts. Neil Young is embarking on a tour that sees him very busy in terms of cost control. It has decided to impose controlled prices for everything: even for drinks and food.

Neil Young returns live after a long hiatus – Velvetmusic

Controversy and Boycott

Neil Young Last year he rejected the idea of ​​playing in natural areas built within farms: “a bad idea… – Announced Singer-Songwriter – They bring food from outside which comes. From intensive farming. I want to give work to the fields, not snatch them.

Ticketmaster came under fire last year after the company’s website crashed Taylor Swift has issued tickets for their current tour, leaving thousands of fans without tickets. Several fans have sued the company for the problems they encountered with pre-sales. Swift’s Eras Tour,

earlier this year, Neil Young has removed his music from Spotify. Officially a decision by the chief, after the singer protested Joe Rogan’s podcast about Covid. Unofficially, the Canadian rocker rejected Spotify’s entire distribution policy.

Young wrote… “With an estimated 11 million listeners per episode, The Joe Rogan Experience is the platform’s largest podcast exclusively on Spotify, and has had a massive impact. Spotify has a responsibility to moderate misinformation on its platform, although the company does not currently have a policy to do so. I can do relatively little. But if they want Rogan, they can’t have Neil Young.”

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