Nelly Rossinelli shares her secret to chopping onions without crying. Absolutely correct!

The kitchen is stylish. Everyone wants to prepare delicious dishes and show off their cooking skills, a craze that started with MasterChef style reality shows. The show was a success and the judges won the love and admiration of the public.

One of the most acclaimed is Nelly Rossinelli, influencer and creator of “Healthy Lunchboxes”, who doesn’t hesitate to share her secrets for preparing surprises for her family, especially her children, who she calls “pericoticos” .

In one of his most recent publications, he surprised them with some delicious meat tacos, but the detail that caught their attention was the way he cut the vegetables, especially the onions. The chef makes it look easy and reveals her secrets.

“Why don’t my onions cut like Nellie Rossinelli’s? “Pi pi pi”, inquired one follower. Another user was interested in the way to cut vegetables without shedding a single tear. “Please tell me the secret to not crying with onions. ” She immediately replied: “There is a very sharp knife. “

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farewell tears

Eye irritation is common when cutting onions. This is not the first time that chefs have mentioned various techniques to avoid this situation, one of them being Spanish chef Zoe Barrie, who was quoted by La Vanguardia newspaper in which she gave an explanation .

“The key is to keep the knife as sharp as possible…the sharper the knife, the fewer fibers it breaks and the less tear gas is released,” he told the publication. Otherwise, when the quality of the knife is not good, it will burst more onion cells, thereby releasing more steam, causing more itchy eyes.

Using a sharp knife will not only shorten the time it takes to chop onions. Others recommend moistening with water or rubbing with a slice of lemon beforehand.

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