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One year after his death, Nelson Castro revealed that Diego Maradona was buried without a heart, among other information that he tells in his book “The health of Diego Maradona, the true story”, written with the collaboration of Juan Manuel Lombardero and Pablo Corso.

The journalist of the Todo Noticias (TN) channel told Chain 3 that the Argentine star’s addictions “plunged him into a path of self-destruction.”

In an interview in the cycle “La Argentina, hoy”, which is broadcast every Wednesday in the program “Informed, on the return”, between 7:30 pm and 8:30 pm, Castro said that he had “a feeling of sadness” after completing his investigation .

“Maradona had the world at his feet and ended with a sad ending,” he expressed by way of balance on the life of “Pelusa”.

In this context, he revealed that Diego’s consumption the most in recent times was alcohol. “That was the biggest problem in the last years of his life,” he said.

“Maradona was always a very difficult patient, but, lately, he was clearly at the mercy of his surroundings,” he added.

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“He became alcoholic very easily as a result of the gastric bypass. That slowness that was seen was the product of a very important psychiatric medication. He had a very high addiction pattern and transferred one dependency to another ”, he synthesized.

The prestigious journalist and neurologist had previously revealed, in “The Night of Mirtha Legrand, with Juana Viale”, that the “Ten” had been buried without a heart.

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The reason is related to all the events that revolved around the autopsy and the massive wake at the Casa Rosada and that Castro gathers in his book after nine months of intense investigation.

“There was a group of gymnastics brave bars that planned to break in and extract the heart. That did not come to fruition because it was an act of enormous daring. It was detected that this was going to happen, then his heart was extracted, also to study it because his Heart was very important for determining the cause of Maradona’s death. Obviously, the information is that he is aware without a heart, “Castro said in La Noche de Mirtha.

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According to him, the organ was half a kilo, when a normal one is 300 grams. This would explain the cardiac pathology he had.

The investigation allowed the journalist access to all medical sources after Maradona’s death. The book could be a reference for future Ten biographies.

Among the data that differ from the series “Maradona, blessed dream”, he assured that “what happened in Punta del Este in January 2000, according to him, is not well told in the series” and that “there he was saved by the Uruguayan doctor who Dr. Jorge Romero went to see him, but the one who discovers him is Guillermo Coppola, who sees him in a very bad situation. “

“He had a privileged body in terms of his resistance, as the doctor of dilated heart disease said, other people would have died. The problem is that he never wanted to make a sustained recovery,” he said.

November 25 will be the first anniversary of the death of El Diez, who died of a cardiorespiratory arrest.

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