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Christmas 2010: No Disney Christmas Movie for Years, it was no longer the event I looked forward to every year when I was little, marked by huge hype and the usually highly coveted album of special Panini stickers. When I saw it, instead that year will be Rapunzela Disney movie that, judging by the ads, seemed vaguely similar to the ones I once loved, inspired by the classic fairy tale and with a real princess, I confess I was a little wary: I did not want my hopes to be dashed again after the disappointments of the films recent years (including the previous one) The Princess and the Frog), as well as the fact that Rapunzel was made in 3D animation, I was not particularly inspired. So I went to the cinema a few weeks after it came out, the last theater in my town that still showed it, a tiny room with a screen the size of my TV and folding chairs instead of classic chairs. In this small dark room, the unexpected happened.: Right from the first images I fell in love with, even if they were digital and not classically drawn and flat, I felt like a kid again, just like when the Disney classics made me dream and fall in love. Fortunately, from that point on, Disney’s “modern renaissance” began, and thanks to new animation techniques over the past 13 years, he has given us the same masterpieces as Rapunzelwhich has become one of my all-time favorites, especially for its light-hearted and fun tone, and also for its the return of top notch songs (and, I confess, also a classic love story).

classic, back to basics

WITH Rapunzel, Disney is going back to basics by resolving to tell a classic fairy tale starring a princess in a way that hasn’t happened since the 90s. I would say since 1995. Pocahontas (no, Mulan is not a princess, like Megara and Esmeralda, calm down). Yes, I know, another classic fairy tale was brought to the cinema a year ago, but let’s forget it for a minute (or even for a while, why not). Inspirational fairy tale Rapunzelwhich of course, like all self-respecting ancient fairy tales (recall, for example, Cinderella) contains quite a bit of drama and violence completely removed by Disney. Rapunzel is a wild flower that can be eaten raw in salads, and in the fairy tale, this is exactly what Rapunzel’s mother loves to eat while she is pregnant with a girl: that’s why she decides to name her that! In the film, all this is eliminated, instead there is a magical flower (not like Rapunzel) that saves the life of a pregnant mother and endows the unborn child with the magical powers of the film. The overall plot is also very different: Rapunzel is not the daughter of a royal family, but of two ordinary people who turned to a sorceress (Gothel) because they could not have children, and then stole the famous Rapunzel from the sorceress’s garden, infuriating her (The first rule of survival in fairy tales: never steal flowers.) in the end they had to give in return their own daughter. The little girl then grows up locked in a tower in the woods, only accessible by climbing on her long hair (the only part that remains the same in the film); Having grown up, Rapunzel is noticed by the king, who apparently immediately falls in love with her and wants to marry her, so together they plan an escape, which, however, is revealed: as punishment, the girl is shaved and thrown into the desert. , and the king throws himself from the tower in despair (spoiler: he does not die, but is blinded by the brambles below). After many years of sadness and wandering, the king and Rapunzel meet again, she restores his sight with her magical tears, and they live happily ever after with their two children, who in the meantime have arrived “who knows how” … Guess which part Disney decided not to include!


The original voices of the main characters Rapunzel and Flynn Raiders are written by Mandy Moore and from very good Zachary Levy (sorry, I have a weakness for him), who played and sang. Also unforgettable Donna Murphy like the naughty mother Gothel.

Original movie title:confusedwhich means “tangled”, “entwined”: this fun title already suggests the modern and fun tone the movie will have! However, before coming to the choice of this name, others were suggested, such as the simple “Rapunzel” AND “Rapunzel untwisted“but then, in order not to overestimate the mention of the princess, given the lack of success of last year’s film (The Princess and the Frog) and to give the idea that the male protagonist also played an important role in the story (he is actually the narrator) and to try to appeal to the widest possible audience, a neutral one was chosen”confused“With pure marketing operation.

Initially, the film was supposed to be drawn in the most classic Disney tradition, but then CGI was chosen and in my opinion it was an excellent choice, reviving the genre not only in content (in fact, we are facing an action princess). instead of someone waiting to be rescued by an ordinary prince), but also for the graphical aspect. The backgrounds, scripts and overall graphic style were inspired by rococo oil paintings, in particular the work of the French artist. Jean Honore Fragonard.

On Disney+ I strongly advise you to look for a short film.”Incredible wedding“: In a few hilarious minutes, you have to learn about the adventures of Rapunzel and Eugene’s wedding rings, a few minutes before the fatal yes!

There is also animated series (this time drawn) is dedicated to Rapunzel, but I always refused to watch it, because it starts with an event that erases the ending of the film a little, and I don’t like such things, especially since usually series taken from the classics are always rather ugly ( I recall an example Timon and Pumbaa or Aladdin), which makes me admit that I succumbed to prejudice.

If you pay special attention, you will see Princess Rapunzel. in another famous classic of recent yearsIt means that Frozen: Near the beginning of the movie, you can see her walking towards Anna and Elsa’s castle before Elsa’s coronation.


In my humble opinion songs Rapunzel they are all beautifulbeginning with “When will my life begin?“passing through”mother knows bestand cheerful “Ihave a dream“to finally get to super romantic”I see the lightwhich won an Oscar for Best Original Song.. The music was written by Alan Menken, already the author of soundtracks for such masterpieces as Mermaid, The beauty and the Beast, Aladdin AND Pocahontas.

live action

It has not yet been released and is in pre-production.but I can’t wait to see it! I really hope the adaptation does well and that Florence Pugh is cast as Rapunzel, as has been rumored for weeks now. If we had to choose based on physical resemblance, then the role would have to go to Amanda Seyfried, who is also a very good singer, but unfortunately I think she won’t be chosen because of her age. I’m not very convinced by the idea of ​​casting Zachary Levi as Flynn, as he himself so desired: I would prefer someone younger, and instead it would be great if he and Mandy Moore played the king and queen. !

How old is it

I would say that Rapunzel has aged very well, more than 10 years later, I still watch it often when I want romance and fun at the same time. The graphics stand the test of time for now, and the songs are immortal too. Rapunzel it deserves to be one of the first Disney films where the main character takes her life and destiny into her own hands, instead of waiting to be rescued and maybe even married off. So, finally, feminism appeared at Disney, after an unsuccessful attempt Mulan (if you want to know why I think so, read here!).

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