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Nero Cinematic Trailer: A Promising Stealth Action©

Today, developer and publisher Arimac Lanka Private Limited has unveiled a CGI trailer for its upcoming project, Nero, to the public.

Nero is a stealth shooter in which the player will participate in an exciting single-player campaign on large maps. Track and destroy targets hidden deep in enemy territories, sabotage well-guarded military bases with all the tools at your disposal. Nero will allow the player to immerse themselves in the indescribable fictional story of a South Asian war hero who opens a new dimension in the stealth-action genre.

The game is based on a completely fictional story and characters. Playing as the legendary sniper Nero, the player will infiltrate enemy territories and face various dangers along the way. Use tactical thinking, a stealthy approach, or a long-range sniper rifle shot. The player will have great freedom of choice to destroy enemies.

The game will be released on September 26, 2021, exclusively on PC ( Steam ).

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