Nestor Gorosito defined Gymnastics with his label

“We are happy, mainly because we were direct in the game and we played against a great team, which has good players and a high level”, the Gymnastics coach began by saying, and added: “It doesn’t matter who comes in, everyone is giving up.”

When speaking from name to name, Pipó Gorosito praised the greatest and clarified: “It is important, they work day by day, they are respectful and as I always said, the one who plays the best. They come with a good demeanor and is a good example for the youngest to follow ”.

“I am happy because the performance of the players is what gives shine to the team and the coach and that improves everything. I am very happy about Carbonero’s goal, because we had worked on that in the week and it is important that it is carried out in the game “explained the Gymnastics coach when he had to highlight the importance of the victory against Talleres.

Regarding what he is seeing from his team, Néstor Gorosito once again left a clear message: “Gymnastics is great, I said it when I arrived, because we see what we come from outside and today we play like a great.”

“When we played in the other stadium, we didn’t lose because of the people, because the fans, still falling, supported us. Today people were reflected in the players, who made walls, threw themselves on the floor to lock and felt because the fan is closer “, finally explained when asked about the return of Gymnastics to the Forest.

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Assistance from Eric Ramírez and definition by Pulga Rodríguez for the 3 to 1 Gymnastics against Talleres

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