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Netflix: 3 Essential War MOVIES; based on real facts

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In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, people tend to wonder more about new trends or topics of interest to them, as is the case with certain genres of films or series that are hosted in Netflix.

In this sense, people wonder what they can watch on the streaming giant, Netflix, where you can find a wide variety of movies from various kinds of Theme and goods.

Remember that after the arrival of the coronavirus in Mexico, people tend to spend more time in networks Social but also on streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix or Disney Plus.

The best films about war

For this reason, we have created some movie recommendations for you to enjoy this Thursday or the weekend next to your loved ones, whether they are friends, family or couple.

Under this scenario, we have created a selection of essential films that will move you but also make you value your family, and that are housed in Netflix.

Below you the Present:

War Machine

This is “War Machine”, an American film that premiered in 2017; was written and directed by David Michod, and which in turn, is based on the book “The Operators” by journalist Michael Hastings.

“War Machine” tells the story of General McMahon, the main character played by Brad Pitt, set in 2009, where after gaining renown and prestige for his outstanding participation in a mission in Iraq, he is sent to Afghanistan to create a new plan to completely end the war in that country.

However, the military leader will have to face more adversity than he thought, as a large number of men under his charge will face threats from U.S. politicians, who do not like the military incursion into Afghanistan.

The film stars Brad Pitt, Anthony Michael Hall, Anthony Hayes, Topher Grace, Will Poulter, Tilda Swinton, Griffin Dunne and Ben Kingsley, and premiered on Netflix on May 26, 2017.

Hearts of Iron

This netflix-hosted film follows the story of a World War II man who leads a team from one of Sherman’s tanks on a mission behind direct problems with Nazi Germany.

Hero’s Soul

This netflix-hosted film, which premiered in 2019, and which lasts approximately two hours, tells the story of two young people who have recently graduated from the Military School, so they have to face the war in Colombia, challenging themselves and their abilities as school graduates.

This is how after the capture of Cohen as a hostage in an ambush changes the course of Tabares’ life; we leave you the trailer of this successful film that will move you.

Helen Hernandez is our best writer. Helen writes about social news and celebrity gossip. She loves watching movies since childhood. Email: [email protected] Phone : +1 281-333-2229

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