Netflix confirms release date for third season


The series anthology of Netflix, “The Sinner“ confirmed the premiere of its third season in June, which will have as protagonist the Matt Bomer. The announcement was given on account of Twitter’s streaming platform, the same environment that the protagonist used to inform his fans: “The Sinner comes to @NetflixUK June 19!”.

The first seasonfilled with suspense, came to the screens of Netflix in 2017. This portrayed the story of a young mother while I was at the beach with your family (Jessica Biel) murdered for no apparent reason a man in public. Detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) was commissioned to investigate the situation and bring the truth to light.

The second part the series, which premiered a year later, totally changed the story as their characters. In this season of eight chapters, the detective Ambrose (single character which is repeated) is to discover the reason why a 13 year old child confesses to having poisoned her parents.

The third seasonwhich will be released on the platform in less than a month, will continue the previous subject-matter and you will have to Bill Pullman as the detective Harry Ambrose, in charge of connecting the clues and unmask the truth. In the case of Matt Bomer, be a survivor of a car accident with a whole story behind it.