Netflix confirms the premiere date of the second season of Alice in Borderland

Fans of Alice in borderland They will be able to finish the year without uncertainty. The thing is Netflix just confirmed the second season premiere date And, although it is not the desired one, at least it is insured. There are no official images or previews yet, but everything would be directed so that a new installment of the successful japanese series finally reached the streaming platform. Here we tell you everything that is known so far!

The December 10 Last year’s manga-based production had its official launch on the red N. For eight episodes of approximately 50 minutes each, the series was tasked with telling the story of a video game fanatic and his two friends who appear in a parallel reality in Tokyo, where they must overcome a series of sadistic games to stay alive. Since then, there has been speculation about a possible renewal.

And finally it came: it will be for December 2022 when new episodes hit Netflix. It is true that they arrive much later than expected, however, the recordings are not finished yet. The filming is scheduled to close for December of this year, although both the plot and the cast are a real unknown and at the moment it is unknown how its development is going.

The news was confirmed in a virtual event of the Japan Festival. With live streaming, loyal fans quickly began to formulate theories about what will happen next and what day of December will be the official launch on the subscription service. A good part of them consider that the producers of the series will stipulate as a date December 10, 2022, two years after the start of the series. However, Netflix did not comment on the matter.

Alice in borderland was one of the fictions that revived thanks to the success of The Squid Game. Based on a Japanese graphic novel, devised by Haro Aso, this adaptation functioned as a clear inspiration for the new Asian phenomenon that broke all 2021 records in terms of streaming. Starring Kento Yamazaki, Tao Tsuchiya and Nijiro MurakamiIt will only be a year from now that we can see its continuation.

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