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What’s trending on Netflix right now in Italy and around the world? In this weekly special issue you will find all the answers to your questions. In June 2023, Netflix changed the way they measure their top 10 movies. most popular original content. From now on, the Tuesday ratings published by Netflix will no longer only show the number of hours watched, but a figure corresponding to the number of hours watched divided by the length of the series or movie, and then offer what is determined to be real. “average number of views“. In addition, the popularity measurement of a movie or series will no longer be limited to the first 4 weeks, but will increase to three months or 91 days.

This weekend at the top of the ranking of the most watched series in Italy we find Depp vs Heard, a documentary series that allows the public to follow the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. In second place we find Painkiller, a tense drama starring Matthew Broderchik and Uzo Aduba about a pharmaceutical company that produces a pill that causes a nationwide epidemic. The series reached 7,200,000 views in its first week, making it the most watched English-language series in the world. Third place for Jody, the Chosen Oneseries about a 12-year-old boy who discovers he has the power to work miracles by stirring up a quiet coastal town. Dianna Agron is also in the cast.

In fourth place we firmly find the Spanish miniseries with Anna Castillo, Perfect Storywhich refers to “Margo, who, after escaping on her wedding day, finds herself in complete disarray. However, little does she know that David and his magnificent confusion can help her find her way back.“. Fifth place for a Netflix Original Series Advocate which continues to get excellent results all over the world. The series reached 5,200,000 views in its sixth week. sixth position for Witcher debuting in seventh place Girl in a maskA Korean original Netflix series about an office worker with sophisticated looks who overnight turns into a masked internet celebrity…until a series of horrific events turns her life upside down.”

They finish in eighth place heart congestionon the ninth Tailor and in tenth position is the original documentary series The Last Hours of Mario Biondo.

Among the most watched films we find the second week in a row Heart of stone, which amassed 33,100,000 views last week, equal to 69,600,000 hours watched. Good result, but far from numbers red notice.

Top 10 TV shows in the last 24 hours in Italy

  1. Depp vs. Heard (Netflix Original)
  2. Painkiller (Netflix original)
  3. Jodie the Chosen One (Netflix Original)
  4. The Perfect Tale (Netflix Original)
  5. Defense Attorney (Netflix Original)
  6. The Witcher (Netflix Original)
  7. The Masked Girl (Netflix Original)
  8. Heartstopper (Netflix original)
  9. The Tailor (Netflix original)
  10. The Last Hours of Mario Biondo (Netflix original)

Top 10 most watched movies in the last 24 hours in Italy

  1. Heart of Stone (Netflix Original)
  2. Legacy of the Ghostbusters (Netflix original)
  3. Man in the dark (Man in the dark)
  4. Money King (Netflix original)
  5. Ten More Days of Good and Evil (Netflix Original)
  6. What do men want
  7. The Case of Isabella Nardoni (Netflix Original)
  8. Paradise (Netflix original)
  9. shark first shark
  10. Miraculous – Ladybug and Cat Noir Stories: The Movie

The 10 most popular TV shows and movies in the US as of August 20, 2023:

The 10 most popular TV shows and movies in the US as of August 20, 2023:

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