Netflix fired Xavier Thorpe Wednesday after stalking allegations

Percy Hynes White Wednesday Wednesday

In view of the release of the second season of the acclaimed series dedicated to the young Wednesday Addams, Netflix decides to do without one of the most important characters from the first episodes of its series. Wednesday. After allegations of persecution addressed to his translator Xavier Thorpe will in fact be canceled Percy Hynes White – episodes show the main suspect and a figure very close to the main character played Jenna Ortega – who we will never see again in the corridors of the Nevermore Academy

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In support of this, writes the Daily Mail, which repeats the accusations leveled against the 21-year-old actor, guilty of girls who were sexually abused at a party at his parents’ home in Toronto. At least that’s how it turned out at the beginning of the year. anonymous tweet one of the alleged victims, who accused him of trying to drug and drink them – her and the other guests – for sex.

The accusations that the person concerned denied and then defended in June with a story on his Instagram profile in which exposed threats and discredited suffered due to bad and incorrect information. The dissertation was also supported by parents Joel Thomas Hines and Sherry White. rage with netflix for leaving her son.

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At this stage, unless something unexpected happens back frontthe problem of the streaming platform will be the correction of the plot planned for the new series, making excuses for Xavier’s absence more than replacing him (also considering the general situation, when the actors’ strike is still ongoing).

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Concerning Percy Hynes Whitewe will find him nearby Aubrey Plaza in Comedy my old assAND in a sentimental film Winter Spring Summer or autumnright next to Jenna Ortega. Who, meanwhile, presented the new season of his Wednesday (Wednesday), promising more deepening of the character’s Latin soul and more horror beyond the solution”discard any love interest storylines” – which at this moment can return very helpful – as we talked about the video in which the actress commented on fan theories.

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