Netflix has a drama film based on a true story that will get you thinking and moving.

A sports and sentimental film with a plot taken from reality, on Netflix a production that will make you think and excite for a wonderful movie night.

If you like dramatic but full of good feelings stories about sports, we recommend watching films on Netflix which you almost certainly haven’t heard before, but we’re sure you’ll love it.

Has the name “Team of 12 orphans“, with the main characters Luke Wilson AND Martin Sheen and director Ty Roberts from a screenplay by Roberts, Lane Garrison and Kevin Meyer. The winning team, creating a film that perfectly combines emotion, drama and sport.

It is based on the book by Jim Dent.Twelve Mighty Orphans: The True Story of the Mighty Mites Who Ruled Texas FootballAnd this is ideal if you love football, but not only.

If you have a soft spot for stories where underdogs are properly motivated and find their place in the world, this might be very interesting to you.

Based on one true story, The film can be watched on Netflix tells the story of how World War I veteran and orphan Rusty Russell managed to create a winning team in Fort Worth, Texas, during the Great Depression, with a dozen orphans from a Masonic orphanage.

The starting point was obviously zero: no training field, no shoes, no equipment other than an artificial ball. In such a disadvantageous situation, only very strong personal values ​​and motives can become the key to success in life. With heart and will, even the most impossible undertaking can become a reality.

That’s what this wonderful film on Netflix teaches, with its cinematic style, it can transport you back to the 1930s and 1940s, an America full of social chaos. And so, despite all the difficulties, a diligent coach manages to form a team that will challenge the best players in Texas for the state title.

This film manages to touch the deepest strings of the human soul, also thanks to the bright performances of the main characters. There are very good ones Luke Wilson (“Kjarli’s Angels“, “Blonde in law“, “Alex and Emma“), Martin Sheen (“try to catch me“, “The West Wing – All the President’s Men“), Vinessa Shaw (“Train to Uma“, “With eyes wide shut“), Wayne Knight (“Space Jam“, “Wild Dozen“).

A film capable of touching the hearts of those who watch it, depicting with respectful tenderness a group of children who had no one on their side, who were treated as outcasts and delinquents. And he does this without ever falling into pitiful and meaningless tears. Everything is focused on the positive and fighting figure of the coach who believes in them and who, thanks to his courage, manages to get the best out of them.

With a message of hope for all the less fortunate, for whom this chance can change their lives forever for the better. A dramatic and sentimental film on Netflix that makes for a nice idea for a good movie night.

Team of 12 orphans

Watch the trailer and read the plot.

The story takes place during the Great Depression that hit America in the 1920s. The story follows twelve orphans who are joined by coach Rusty Russell, who moves into their orphanage with his family to teach them football, give them an education, and give him a normal life. . A gesture full of emotional value and altruism that no one had ever shown towards this small group of unfortunate boys.

Rusty Russell, with time, persistence and a father’s affection, organizes the Mighty Mites team. Young people train seriously, but their bodies are exhausted and weakened by a life full of sacrifices.

Thus, the person creates a new method of attack for them, which will be integrated into the schemes of football games.

This is a “spread offense” that draws its effectiveness from the team’s weaknesses and exploits them to reap their benefits. A story of revenge and hope, taken from a true story, with great emotional value, where the enthusiasm can infect you too.

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