Netflix has a vintage legal thriller full of emotional tension.

Do you like vintage movie Do you like tense and exciting films about court cases? On Netflix There is legal thrillers The nineties are inspired by the successful romance. Has a name The right reason and is played by a very great and iconic actor.

on Netflix legal thriller Just Cause

90s legal thriller on Netflix

The right reason 1995 thriller directed by Arne Glimcher. It is based on the novel of the same name. John Katzenbach. Starring the legendary interpreter of James Bond. Sean Connery (Highlander – the last immortal, rose name, Indiana Jones – The Last Crusade, Hunt for Red October).

With him, too, in the cast Laurence Fishburne (matrix, Tina – What does love have to do with it), Ed Harris (Pollock, Apollo 13, The Truman Show, Rock), Ruby Dee (One and a half cop, american gangsters) and a very young girl Scarlett Johansson (“Match Points, Girl with a pearl earring, Lost in translation).

The plot follows a complicated murder case and the legal events that follow from it. He belongs to the genus legal thrillersvery common in the cinematographic field in the nineties.

Plot of the film The right reason

Paul Armstrong Harvard professor and successful former lawyer. An elderly black woman is asked to take care of a special case. her nephew, Bobby Earl Ferguson, accused in Florida of raped and killed ten year old girl. Initially uninterested in the case, Paul changes his mind when Bobby claims he was forced to confess.

African American agent Tunny Brown Bobby accuses him of torturing him. Brown is confident in the guilt of this man and does not welcome the fact that Paul must prove otherwise. Floor convinced that Bobby is innocent. However, to prove it, he would need more evidence before it was too late.

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