Netflix hides a horror series of only 4 hours that you have to watch

Sunday, November 21, 2021


The world’s favorite streaming service today continues to be Netflix, beyond new rivals that were arriving in the last time like Disney + or HBO Max. It is clear that users choose this platform for its large library of content and permanent original releases, but There is a problem that everyone has and that is that there are usually productions that with the passage of time or due to the algorithm are hidden.

Upon entering, they show us their great productions such as La Casa de Papel, Stranger Things, Sex Education or You, but this algorithm clearly shows us what they want and not what we want to see. We have already told you about the hidden movies and series that deserve to be seen, such as the horror show that we will show you below. It is about Ares, a fiction originally from the Netherlands that arrived in 2020.

What is Ares about?

This horror show revolves around Ares, a student secret society in the heart of Amsterdam. “Within its walls, two friends – Rosa and Jacob – succumb to wealth and power. But little by little, they realize that they have entered a diabolical place, built on secrets of the Dutch past. A place where true power demands the payment of a terrible price “, completes its official synopsis.

In addition to having a terrifying story about cults, another reason to see it is that you can do it in less than a weekend. It has a single installment of 8 episodes in total, which have a duration of approximately 30 minutes each, being an ideal duration for those looking for something to marathon. It was created by Pieter Kuijpers, Iris Otten, and Sander van Meurs and starring Jade Olieberg, Tobias Kersloot, Lisa Smit, and Robin Boissevain.

Another point in his favor is that the critics have received it in a great way: “A bloody political fable, simplifying the terms metaphor in hand,” said Out of Series; “It has a very good central interpretation that channels all the madness that revolves around the protagonist through a very emotional reality,” said Decider; and Ready Steady Cut stated: “Interesting characters, admirable performances, and an amazing premise.” For this and much more that you will discover, you cannot miss Ares right now on Netflix.

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