Netflix: how to take away access to another person to whom you “loaned” the account

Netflix It is one of those platforms that is usually shared by different users, in addition to the efforts of the company that manages the service so that this does not happen between people who do not reside in the same house. The mechanics are simple: you just have to sing the password for others to access the account, regardless of whether or not they pay the monthly fee.

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However, What if you no longer want to share your Netflix account? In other words, what must be done to revoke access to a person to whom you “lent” the account in the service of streaming of movies and series? Here we show you the step by step to do it.

Netflix: how to remove someone else’s access to your account

It should be noted that Netflix does not include a specific and / or native mode for this action, which we will carry out as a process that we can describe as “manual”.

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The first step to revoke access to other people who use your Netflix account is enter the platform from its web version (It is possible to do it from the computer or from the cell phone browser, entering netflix.com). Once the session has started, look for the option “Bill” and then in the “Settings” section you will have to touch “Sign out of all devices”.

Netflix: how to take away access to another person to whom you “loaned” the account
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Netflix will ask you if you really want to carry out this process, which you will confirm by touching the button that reads “Sign off”. With that you will get that all the devices that access that account have to log in again.

Once this step is done, you have to go to the data that appears in the same menu of the account. Within “Membership and billing“You will find the item”Change Password”. You will have to write the current one and then (twice) the new one.

Netflix: how to take away access to another person to whom you “loaned” the account
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When you do so, all those who used your Netflix account must enter the access data (username and password) and they will not be able to do so, as they do not know the new password.

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Naturally, those people with whom you shared the account to whom you will allow them to continue logging in must know the new password and, in the meantime, you must share that information with them.

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