Netflix incorporates a now more films in their catalog


Under the sun There

Vacation on the sandy beaches of Riccione spa, in Rimini, in the region of Emilia-Romagna, Italy), a group of teens, opens up a friendship and help each other to survive the relationship and romantic love during the summer.

The story of the ghost

After a fatal accident, and the spirit of man is imprisoned in a house he shared with his wife. Since then, the gates of time are open wide.

Intimate secrets

Several of the adults in a quiet neighborhood and must overcome his impulses in the adolescents in this drama, a reflection on human relationships.


Chris Kyle (played by Bradley Cooper) is a sniper in the Navy of the United States, with a world record to an unprecedented low in the South.

The city of storms

An intelligence agent does not want to hear what a computer has to say about the absence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Do not breathe

It’s the blind man and the rich, the white one is the perfect place for a robbery. However, the robbery is complicated by the three robbers, who get trapped in a bad dream.

The rest

Trapped in a vicious circle of relations is empty, with the men of the infidels, Amanda (Cameron Diaz) in Los Angeles, and london, Iris (Kate Winslet) decide to swap homes and live new experiences.

Three’s a crowd

A honeymoon turns into a nightmare when you lose your job, a sponsor of the marriage, asks for asylum on the sofa, and the newly married couple, for an undetermined period of time.

Schindler’s list

Oskar Schindler (Liam Neeson) has spent all of his fortune to save over 1,000 jews, who were to be sent to the death camp at Auschwitz.

Billy Elliot

He swapped out the boxing gloves for running shoes on the dance floor. You may take your talent to the scales is unconscionable, and that the father will give his approval.

Os batutinhas

Family film inspired by the series of Hal Roach, who promises to have all sorts of tricks of the most famous and most entertaining of all time.

The game is of fortune,

The true story of a exdeportista, which becomes the general manager of the club, and that you use methods that are different to attract some of the best players on the Oakland athletics.

Legends of the fall

The house on Ludlow if it fragments, when Sam’s (Henry Thomas) is going to fight in the First World War, against the will of his father. The history of the family is fragmenting in different experiments.

Minority Report: judgment in the prior

At the end of the twenty-first century, the technology can predict crimes before they happen, and a police precrimen” has been accused of a crime that you haven’t done yet.

Gliding to glory

The two divos in the figure skating run out of medals when you have played a leading role in a scandal in olympic. There is only one way to get back to the track with them.

Michael: simply an angel

The two journalists to verify the story of a woman who claims to live with an angel. But the subject is not only that it has wings also, if he smokes, drinks and is a womanizer.

Living with my ex

It was all laughter and love, until the time came to separate, and decide who will stay with the department. And if it is not, well, then that is too bad.

A slightly pregnant

The history of the Alison, and Ben had to stay in for a night of celebration, but it lasted for nine months. Now they’re going to try to get to know.


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