Netflix June 2023 upcoming series

A particularly busy month of June 2023 Netflix. There will be two series finales as expected conclusion manifesto with the last 10 episodes of the second part of the fourth season and the fourth and final season I never…. And then return Zero limestone with the second series made for Netflix. In addition, the documentary will be released in June. Arnold dedicated to the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger after success FUBAR the action series, released in May, immediately took first place in the world ratings. Not to mention that in June 2023 on Netlfix we will go to a dystopian reality 5 new episodes Black mirror.

Netflix June 2023 upcoming series

1 Thursday

Three days after the end Japanese mini-series about the Fukushima disaster and the people involved.

New Amsterdam p.3 e riverdale p.6

2 Friday

manifesto s.4B, the final 10 episodes that conclude the adventures of the passengers of Flight 828. After the events of the first part of the season, in which the passengers were locked in a detention center and investigated by the government, will Ben and Michela Stone be able to fix the calls? Can Cal figure out how to stop the death date?

MANIFEST SEASON 04. (From left to right) Josh Dallas as Ben Stone and Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone in Manifest Season 04. Cr. Peter Kramer/Netflix © 2022

Valeria s.3 (Spanish): New love triangles, life milestones and birthdays that open the doors to a new decade, but always the same four friends run into them together.

Scoop S.1 (Indian): After the murder of a journalist, a crime reporter fights for justice by fighting police, media and crime in Mumbai.

5 Monday

Barracuda Queens s.1 (Swedish): Inspired by true events, it tells the story of a group of privileged girls who, in 1995, called themselves the “Barracuda Queens”, a name inspired by the Barracuda beach parties. After receiving the bill for the party, they decide to rob Amina’s house, but the situation worsens and Amina joins the gang rather than reporting them. During the day they are daughters and exemplary students, and at night they turn into ruthless thieves seeking thrills, deliverance and revenge on the men who offended them.

Thursday 8

I never… P.4: The story of Devi, an Indian American high school student who is withdrawn, irritable, fickle, eager to explore her sexuality, to live life, but at the same time trying to come to terms with her family traditions. .

Friday 9

hounds S.1 (Korean): Two young boxers and a generous loan shark join forces to bankrupt a loan shark who takes advantage of desperate people.

This world won’t make me bad: A new adventure from Zerocalcare, an old friend returns to the neighborhood after years away and struggles to get to know the world he grew up in. Zerocalcare would like to do something for him, but realizes that he cannot help him feel at home again and make the right choice to find his place in the world.

Human resources p.2 (animation for adults)

14 Wednesday

Mother de Alquiler p.1 (Mexican): A humble woman forced to act as a surrogate finds herself at the center of a wealthy family that will do anything to protect its reputation.

Thursday 15

Black mirror 6: Charlie Brook’s dystopian future returns with 5 new episodes starring Salma Hayek, Aaron Paul, Annie Murphy, Josh Hartnett and Kate Mara. They range from an episode in which a woman finds her life in a Netflix series to an episode in space.

Thursday 22

glamorous s.1 with Kim Cattrall, a series originally created a few years ago as a pilot for The CW. The plot centers on the story of Marco Mejia, a young man of unknown gender whose life seems to be on hold until he starts working for legendary makeup artist Madolyn Addison. For the first time, Marco has the opportunity to focus on what he wants out of life, his identity, and what it means to him to be gay.

Let’s get divorced! S.1: A Japanese comedy actress and politician want to get divorced, but outside influences are different and they will have to work together to succeed.

sleeping dog S.1: German yellow, a former detective living on the street, tries to find out the truth when a new death raises questions about a murder he thought he solved.

25 Sunday

titans p.4: The adventures of the DC heroes, reunited by Batman’s former sidekick Dick Grayson, continue.

28 Wednesday

Delete P.1: A Thai thriller, Aim and Lilly are involved in an extramarital affair to avoid a marriage that makes them unhappy. When a mysterious phone unexpectedly falls into Lilly’s hands, the two lovers decide to use its supernatural powers to eliminate their spouses and start a new life together. Will it really be that easy?

Thursday 29

Witcher s.3A (first 5 episodes, rest 3 – 27 July): The final season begins with Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia, later replaced by Liam Hemsworth. As the monarchs, wizards, and beasts of the continent vie to capture her, Geralt forces Ciri into hiding, determined to protect his newly reunited family from those who threaten to destroy her. Yennefer, in charge of Ciri’s magical training, leads them to Arethusa’s sheltered fortress, where she hopes to learn more about Ciri’s untapped powers; instead, they find themselves caught in a battlefield of political corruption, dark magic, and betrayal. They have to fight back, put everything on the line or risk being lost forever.

30 Friday

Celebrities Part 1 (Korean): So-A-ri becomes a social media star, but mortal danger awaits in the privileged world of influencers.

Netflix June 2023 Anime and Animated Titles

  • 1 – Attack on the Giants Movie (parts 1 and 2); Lego Ninjago p.4; Elvinn!! and chipmunks p.3-4
  • 6 – My Little Pony: Rediscover your magic
  • 15 – Transformers: EarthSpark s.1
  • 16 – Black Clover: Magic Emperor Sword
  • 19 – Narwhal or Quasi p.1
  • 22 – Skull Island p.1
  • 29 – Ooku – Forbidden Rooms

Netflix June 2023: Documentaries, Reality Shows & Shows

During June we will be able to explore the life of Arnold Schwarzenegger in a documentary mini-series. Arnold (of 7), which tells the story of the transition from a young Austrian bodybuilder to an international star. The Sports Documents Series comes out on June 8th. Tour de France: in the footsteps of champions while 9 true crime series Assassin cards. Documentary film lovers will not be able to miss the second season of Our Planet on the 14th, and the second part Checkpoints documentary series about tennis. June 23 a new journey among the Killers in Caccia ai Killer.

Among the shows of 7 with weekly releases, the third season of “Love is blind”: Brazil, of 9 Tex Mex Motors and from 22 soc. currencies.

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