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The drama ‘Munich on the eve of a war’ is the most relevant film premiere of the week on the platform.

It is the turn of knowing the cinematographic novelties that arrive this week on Netflix. The drama Munich on the eve of a war is an original film that you can find in the catalog over the next seven days. A feature film, starring Jeremy Irons, that recounts how World War II could be prevented.

In addition, it premieres the comedies royal treatment Y Perfect strangers in Lebanon.

Then you can check the movies that premiere on Netflix from January 17 to 23.

‘royal treatment’

the romantic comedy royal treatment is one of the original movies that Netflix premieres this week. The plot introduces us to Izzy, a hairdresser who is hired to work at the prince’s royal wedding. What he didn’t expect was that upon meeting the heir they would both begin to feel something for each other. This situation leads the prince to consider whether he should go ahead with his marriage or listen to his heart.

Premiere: January 20

‘Perfect strangers in Lebanon’

Another novelty that arrives on the platform this week is the comedy Punknown effects in lebanon. The film follows a group of friends who dare to leave their unlocked mobiles on the table during a relaxed dinner. When one of the phones rings, the rest can see or hear the incoming call or message. As the night progresses, the lies and secrets cause various disputes that they had not counted on when they decided to participate in the game.

Premiere: January 20

Netflix Premieres: All the movies arriving in January 2022

Munich on the eve of a war

Munich on the eve of a war is the title of the original drama that the streaming giant premieres this week. Inspired by the best-seller by Robert Harris, and directed by Christian Schwochow, the film is set in Europe in 1938. In a scenario about to witness one of the greatest war conflicts, Neville Chamberlain’s government tries to find a peaceful solution, to prevent Hitler from invading Czechoslovakia. Those responsible for this attempted agreement will be the British official Hugh Legat and the German diplomat Paul von Hartmann. Both travel to Munich to attend the Emergency Conference; but avoiding war could come at a cost that neither is willing to pay.

Premiere: January 21st

Premiere: January 21st

Premiere: January 21st

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